December 29, 2015


Merry Christmas everyone! I had a great Christmas Eve and Day that I got to spend with my family. Now hopefully this doesn't sound horribly materialistic, but I wanted to show you all some of the amazing presents I received (and most of them were BOOKS!)

  1. A Dance With Jane Austen
ooh, was it ever fun to tear the wrapping paper off and see...this! It's all about the dancing and ballroom scenes in Jane Austen's books. I haven't had the chance to read it...yet! 

2, Celtic Woman Songbook
I knew this one was coming. I'd gazed at its cover in the music store for weeks before finally asking for it for Christmas. I got my wish. ;) Celtic Woman is an Irish singing group and the songs they perform are beautiful. I got their Christmas-themed songbook last year, but *gasp* can't find it now! But aside from that tragedy, I can't wait to try this out on piano, voice, and violin. (And yes, I play all three, as it were, though I'm not sure if one can "play" their own voice.)

3. Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey
This is pretty exciting. Look how interesting it seems! It's the story of Lady Almina, whom Cora Crawley of Downton Abbey is modeled after. So little time, so much to read...

  4. Rick Steve's European Christmas
Have you ever heard of Rick Steves? He's a travel guide who makes phenomenal episodes about different European countries and cities: castles, museums, the good stuff! :) Anyhoo, this book covers Europe's many Christmas traditions across several countries. (I want to go to Europe, by the way. Like, a lot.) 

  5. No Kissing Allowed In School!
This title may warrant some explanation. Don't worry, it's not about kissing at all, it's a book filled with 18th century dance music and the instructions for dancing them. This was another book I requested from my family, but this time we were on vacation in Colonial Williamsburg (I love Williamsburg so much. There will be posts about it, I can guarantee!)

  6. Colonial Spices and Herbs

 This is a very skinny book (I wouldn't want to read volumes about this anyway!) but I'm sure it will be very informative. I love learning new things, and I love the sense of accomplishment after finishing a book, so the shorter the better! ;)

7. Encyclopedia of Me: My Life from A to Z
    This is yet another requested book by me (boy, I sure sound demanding, don't I?), but people were asking for ideas, so I gave them! :) This is more of a journaling book, which is great, because I always want to keep a journal, and start one, but never get beyond three or four entries before life gets in the way. So this will be perfect because it's guided by alphabetical topic! 

Aaaand, just because I couldn't resist, I'm showing you this adorable mug I got:
It's really just the one on the right. I haven't found a good way to crop pictures for Blogger yet.
Did you get any books for Christmas?
Do you have a favorite present?


  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas, Abby! I have that Celtic Woman songbook too and it's AWESOME. :-)

  2. Ah, that sounds like a wonderful Christmas! The DA book looks REALLY good. :-) And those cute mugs!

  3. How lovely! Christmas presents are so entirely delightful. And yes, I did! So far, one was a complete surprise (a Wodehouse from my sister ;)) and the other title was a gorgeous Yellowstone book I've eagerly been anticipating adding to my shelf, so I'm altogether thrilled.

  4. The Celtic Women book sounds amazing! I wish I could play some of their music but being a violist I'm a tad limited unless i shift profusely :(

    1. Yeah, violists have it tough. Sometimes you can shift down the octave, but it's not the same. That's so cool that you play viola though; they can be kind of rare!