January 23, 2016

My Favorite Soundtracks

Of all the things which make a good period drama exceptional, an amazing soundtrack is first and foremost. The best soundtracks will blend so well and carry you through the plot of a movie that you may not even notice they are there. Others are easily noticeable, but in a way that will move you and tug at your heartstrings. One thing that all good soundtracks have in common is that they will change your perception of a movie or show. Music is extremely powerful, and that's why I'd like to share with you a few of my favorite movie soundtracks (and by sheer coincidence, some of my favorite movies!)
1. The Paradise
If you ever want to be caught up in a swirl of beautiful, delicate sounds, listen to some music from The Paradise. Elegant, floaty, and at times a bit mischievous, this music is a delight! (The show is a delight as well, in case you were wondering.)
If you doubt my words, take a look at the fluttery lace and fans during the opening theme!

2. Copperhead
Confession: I have not seen this movie. *hem.* I just haven't gotten around to it yet, ok? But I have listened to the soundtrack oodles of times! And oh, is it ever beautiful. Heart-achingly soul-wrenchingly beautiful. Especially the first song. This is what moving music is


3. Belle
If you were looking for light, happy music, allow me to direct you back to #1 of this post. You will not find it here! Gorgeous music, yes, but tense. Even the happier songs have a sense of melancholy and bittersweet that definitely set the mood for the movie. If you are looking for a dramatic, powerful feel from music, listen to this movie's soundtrack. It won't disappoint! 


4. Last of the Mohicans
This soundtrack feels so epic, timeless, and noble to me. The movie is one-of-a-kind; it leaves you with a feeling I have never found anywhere else.  I feel like more words won't help with this one, so here's my favorite piece from the whole film:


5. John Adams
If you liked #4, you'll probably like the John Adams theme. The two main themes are eerily similar; you get the same epic feel from both. I love how this soundtrack feels so patriotic and independent. I will admit that the rest of the John Adams soundtrack does not hold up to the amazing theme, but the opening titles alone could make up for the rest of the music!                                                                                                                                      

6. Little Women
I was going to try to limit myself to five favorites, but I simply cannot exclude Little Women. There is no music so dear nor so effortlessly perfect than this. I can't imagine Little Women without this music. This is an American classic for sure! I wish I could better put into words my love for this soundtrack, but if I tried a little harder I might end up writing a ten-page paper on it! ;) So I'll let the music speak for itself:


How I hate to stop at six! Good heavens, I just got to the end of this and realized that I plumb forgot to add the Book Thief! Sad music for a sadder movie, people. Honorable mentions also go to Gettysburg, Ken Burns's Civil War documentary, and Emma 2009.
What are your favorite movie soundtracks?
Which soundtrack here did you like the most?
Do you prefer serious, moving soundtracks, or light, fluttery ones?


  1. I adore little women's soundtrack =D

  2. SOUNDTRACKS = My One True Love. :-D

    I LOVE some of the ones you mentioned: The Paradise, Belle (Which is my favourite soundtrack EVER - it so good it ACHES) and Little Women. I have to check out some of the others... :-) I've heard a lot of gushing about the John Adams one in particular.

    Another of my ALL time favourite soundtracks is the Soundtrack in The Young Victoria. IT'S GOLD. :-D

    ~ Naomi

    1. Haha, yes, soundtracks are truly a high art form! Aches is a good word for the Belle soundtrack; it just hurts inside. And The Young Victoria!! Very pretty music indeed! :)

  3. COPPERHEAD!!!! As you probably know, I adore that movie to bits and the music is one of the reasons why. :-) AHHHH. Actually my sister ordered the soundtrack last spring, but it got lost and never came :-( so we just listen to it all the time off Youtube. (which is annoying because there are always ads to skip...but at least we can listen to it!!!!)

    You've GOT to see the movie now. :-)

    Little Women has always been one of my favorites. And John Adams! I hated the miniseries (a very personal opinion -- there's probably some good in it too) but the music is great. I haven't seen The Last of the Mohicans -- I'll check out that soundtrack.


    1. I remember how you posted on this a while back, and I though you might like it. :) That stinks that it never came! And Youtube ads are soo annoying. I use Spotify to listen to almost all of my music, because it doesn't have many ads at all, and my music is all in one place. (Now I sound like a salesperson!:P) Anyway. I really want the piano/violin part to that opening theme, but I can't find it anywhere! :(
      Haha, yep, it's on my to-watch list! Personally I'm not terribly fond of those in the Union who were opposed to fighting the war, but I figure it can't hurt to watch a movie about them. :) And the music makes up for it anyway!
      Haha, I remember reading your post on John Adams too! I can see your points, but I remain indifferent to the series.
      I hope you enjoy The Last of the Mohicans!

  4. Oh, yes. Little Women is my favorite. I also love Glory, Legends of the Fall, Pearl Harbor, and braveheart, even if the movie is entirely inaccurate and demonizes British people, whom I've always found quite lovely. :)

    1. Ooh, thanks for the recommendations! I can never have too much music to listen to! :) I've listened to the Braveheart soundtrack and it's really nice!

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