February 22, 2016

A Toast to Washington!

Today is George Washington's 284th birthday. Some people seem to enjoy downplaying this great man, as well as other heroes (yes, heroes) in history. With national days for everything under the sun, from ice cream to hugging, isn't the founding father of America due some credit and honor? To honor President Washington, I'm sharing a poem by Francis Hopkinson, who lived in Washington's day. (And for you non-American readers: it's ok if you don't know much about Washington. If there's one thing you need to know about him, it's that he was amazing!)
Tis Washington's health-fill a bumper around,
For he is our glory and pride;
Our arms shall in battle with conquest be crowned,
Whilst virtue and he's on our side!

Tis Washington's health-loud canons should roar,
And trumpets the truth should proclaim;
There cannot be found, search all the world o'er,
His equal in virtue and fame.

Tis Washington's health-our hero to bless,
May heaven look graciously down!
Oh! Long may he live in our hearts to possess,
And freedom still call him her own.
by Francis Hopkinson

Do you have a favorite hero from history?
Have you heard anything cool or interesting about Washington?


  1. Happy Birthday to Washington! :-)

    It actually makes me really angry when people downplay him, and other historical figures, because so often they just want to prove the point that we've been deceived so much about historical lore. Sure, there are a lot of legends that aren't completely true, but they all stemmed from truth, and these men really WERE great people.

    Another favorite hero of mine is Thomas Jefferson...and James Madison...and Robert E. Lee...and Joshua Chamberlain...and Nathan Hale...so many amazing men and women have shaped our country!

    1. Yes! I could rant for so long on how people try to "humanize" great characters in history. They find any sort of "dirt" on a person, and they make it sound like everyone used to be scoundrels, or hypocrites. And the "myth-breaking" drives me crazy too. I love all your heroes too! So many people don't understand Lee; they automatically make him bad because he was confederate, without realizing the hard decision he had to make and the nobility of his character. It's a pity he didn't join the Union instead. I have a great respect for John and Abigail Adams as well. America just has so many great people! (sorry this was long. I like history.) :)

    2. It's okay -- I love history too!!! :-)

      Oh, I love John and Abigail Adams. I've read so much about them and seen so many movies that I feel like they're my friends. Have you ever heard of The Adams Chronicles? Probably not -- it's a TV miniseries made in the 70's chronicling the family through history. It's sort of what you'd expect from a 70's miniseries (sometimes cheesy acting and not the greatest filming) but overall it's reaaaally really good. I'd recommend it if you love history.

    3. That's awesome! History lovers are rare around here, you see. :)
      I have heard of the Adams Chronicles, and my family even has the series, but since I've heard it reviewed as "dated", I haven't made it a priority to see it. But that will probably be my project over spring break. ;) And I've seen John Adams (HBO) and enjoy parts of it, but I've read your review on it as well, and heartily agree on several points! :)

    4. Well, it's a bit dated, it's true, but I still think it's got a lot of good in it. ;-) Oh yeah -- I personally REALLY did not like the HBO series, but you know all about that I guess!