February 2, 2016

January's Period Drama Challenge

Hello, everyone! I've recently decided to do Miss Laurie's Period Drama Challenge, which is a brilliant idea for a challenge, if you ask me.(There is a button on the sidebar) I've been bad and haven't reviewed a period drama in January, but I'm planning on doing at least one this month. :) I was pleasantly surprised when I found that there are a few questions to answer at the end of each month!
1. What period dramas did you view in January?
January was a good month for period dramas at my house! I watched the 2009 Emma around my birthday, and later saw the Imitation Game, The Magic of Ordinary Days,  and the King's Speech.

2. What is your favorite Charles Dickens film adaptation?
I really need to brush up on my Dickens films; most of them are murky memories from seeing them on TV when I was 7 or 8. I recently saw BBC's Nicholas Nickleby 2001, however, and that was really good. I think it's an incredibly underrated movie. Perhaps I'll re-watch it and do a review on it!

3. Would you rather visit Pemberley (Mr. Darcy's residence) or Downton Abbey (Crawley family residence)? Why?
That's really tough! I'm sure Highclere Castle has a great blend of old rooms and furnishings, but I feel that since it's so overly-popular right now, I'll go with the Georgian-era Pemberley. :)
4. If you could be any character in a Jane Austen novel for a whole day who would you be and why would you want to be that character?
This deserves an essay or novel, not a short answer! After much deliberation, I chose...Mary Bennet! Just Kidding! ;) I suppose I shouldn't tease the poor dear. Anyway, I think it would be neat if I were Georgiana Darcy, so I could be wealthy and accomplished, and live in Pemberley and have a piano. :)  Jane Bennet is a tempting option as well, since she is so sweet and kind. Agh, the choices!


5. What period dramas are you looking forward to viewing in February 2016?
Where to start? I think there's an endless list of "to-watch" period dramas floating around in my head at all times. I'm hoping to see The Young Victoria soon, and maybe an old musical like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Sincerely Yours,


  1. You saw "The Kings Speech"!! Isn't it AMAZING?!!! (The soundtrack is gorgeous too, by the way.)
    I really want to see 'The Magic of Ordinary Days' so badly - it looks adorable and gorgeous. AND THE NICOLAS NICKLEBY VERSION WITH JJ FIELD. It looks so good! (I'd love a review of that.)

    ~ N

    1. Yes, I loved it! I couldn't believe that Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth were both in it! And yes, the soundtrack is great. :)
      There's a review in the works for The Magic of Ordinary Days. I hope you can watch it sometime! I hope to get a review in for Nicholas Nickleby too. :)

  2. Emma 2009 is my FAVORITE Emma adaption! I love that movie!!! :)

    Oh, and I recognize that Nicholas Nickleby movie. That was the first one we ever watched. I didn't really like it, but it's been a terribly long time since I've seen it, so I'm not sure what my opinion of it would be now. I'd love to read your review on it. :)

    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? Ooh! That's a fun movie! I highly recommend it.

    Good luck with the Period Drama Challenge!

    1. Yes, Emma was quite fun to watch! For me, the costumes, set, and soundtrack do a lot for me when it comes to period drama, and so far I think that Nickleby 2001 does a really accurate job. But yes, sometimes multiple views are needed for an official opinion. :) I might be a bit biased because I was Madeline Bray in a play once.
      Thank you; it will be a challenge for me indeed! I need to get used to writing decent reviews...

  3. Hello Abby -- I've been enjoying your blog! And started following you after the Cinderella party, but I wanted to leave a special comment as Google seems to be messing up my picture and won't link through to my profile properly. So, just so you know, I'm Eowyn (from http://headinthecloudsandpeninhand.blogspot.com/ and http://ofhorseselvesandmen.blogspot.com/.) I hope that helps place me! :)

    1. Thanks Eowyn! It makes me so happy to hear that people like you are enjoying my writing! It's so nice to meet you. And I've followed your main blog now! :)