March 1, 2016

February Period Drama Tag

Well, that was fast. February's gone already and we're into March! Life has not slowed down for me in these winter months; I'm involved in a production of Fiddler on the Roof, music competitions, and standardized tests galore! So sadly, I only wrote one period drama review in this month. But more are coming, I promise!

Our hearts quietly leap at the promise of Spring.The Winters blanket of white was so heavy for so long.:
Spring is coming!
With that said, here are the questions from Miss Laurie's Period Drama Challenge!
1. What period dramas did you view in February?
Like I said, only The Magic of Ordinary Days. :(  But I plan to change that soon! (It would help if I could find the cord that transfers camera pictures to my computer!)
2. What is your favorite period drama musical?
Oh boy, don't get me started. It's 1776, hands down. I love it to bits. A review is in the works, but I'm not sure when it'll be ready. 

3. If you could order up an adaptation of your favorite classic book, what would it be and who would star?
It would be really neat to have a miniseries about Laura Ingalls that follows her books. It would be unlike the old 1970's episodes, and more like a BBC style show that had 6-8 longer episodes. It would have to be well done, but I'm not sure who would play Laura. 

A Little House in the Big Woods, all cozy for winter. 
4. If you could be a famous royal from history, who would you be and why?
I recently read a bit about Queen Louise of Prussia. She might not be famous now, but she was incredibly well known and loved by her subjects at the beginning of the 19th century! She was said to be beautiful, smart, and kind. She was practically perfect, really. 

5. What period dramas are you looking forward to viewing in March 2016?
Hopefully I can fit some Horatio Hornblower in during Spring Break, but I'm not sure if I'll review it or not. Other than that, I'll just have to wait and see what I feel like watching! 

                                Horatio Hornblower by A, via Flickr:
Who is your favorite royalty, past or present?
Who would you cast as the Ingalls family in a new Little House miniseries?


  1. I LOVE 1776!!!! It's so funny and exuberant and always makes me feel like dancing. ;-P

    And Hornblower...oh, I hope you do get to watch it this month. Hornblower is best in the spring. :-) (My sister and I watch all the movies annually around March or April....yes, we're a little bit obsessive.) I'd love to read your review of them too!

    1. Haha, yes, 1776 is so uplifting and happy! And I can't wait until I watch some Hornblower soon! Now that Fiddler on the Roof is done, I finally have some time. :)