March 22, 2016

Five Reasons Why I Love The South

Imagine waking up one morning to the sound of cicadas in the trees. A breeze floats into your room, bringing fresh air, scented with boxwood. You look outside to see gardens, deep green trees, and delicate crepe myrtles. This is the South in summer, and it is beautiful. 

          Crepe Myrtle trees. A lot of these in the South. They are beautiful in full summer.:

I have not been fortunate to live in the South (and by "South" I mean mostly Virginia and the Carolinas. Yes, I know there are more Southern states than that.), but as soon as I am free and independent, I fully intend to live there for the rest of my life.  Here are five reasons why:

      Red brick house in Charleston:

1. The Climate

One of my favorite things about the South is how nice and humid it is. Yes, you heard me right. I love humidity! I find it better than dry heat, actually. There's just something about breathing lung-fulls of warm, deep air that is simply wonderful. Plus it makes my hair curl nicely. :) The few times I've been there for a week, I didn't mind the heat much, even when outside most of the day. (But I would miss snow in winter. That would be hard.)

2. The Gardens

The gardens are beautiful down South! There are so many beautiful plants that are only able to grow where it is so balmy; crepe myrtle, magnolia, and fragrant boxwood are some of my favorites. I also love how well gardens and landscapes are done. Everything is so neat and colorful! 

     Taliaferro-Cole House

3. The History

Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, and Monticello are all in Virginia. I'm seeing a trend of amazing history here! All three are beautiful homes/living history museums that interpret an exciting time in early American History. So much important history took place in the South; much of the Revolution and Civil War were fought there, and many great and famous people have called the South their home.
I love the material culture of the South as well. The architecture, textiles, and everyday objects fascinate me. They're just so pretty!

Winter walk down DOG Street:

4. The Hospitality

There's something to be said for a shady porch and a glass of iced tea, visiting friends on a sunny summer afternoon. People are quite laid back in the South, but I think that gives them more time to pause and be kind to fellow people. Southerners are quite sweet and considerate, at least from my experience. It's definitely a culture I would enjoy being a part of. 
                         Two Meeting Street Inn -- Southern Living What's the Prettiest Porch in the South?:

5. I just "belong" there

I ache to be in the South, I really do. Sometimes when I have time to really just think, I'll go back and remember moments of family vacations spent in the South; the sound of cicadas, the humidity in the air, walking down the streets of Williamsburg and through battlefields and gardens. It really feels like home. Of course I know that living in the South won't be the same as vacationing there, but living there will make me happy. It's where I want to be.

Is there a place where you feel you belong?
Do you like heat and humidity, or loath it?


  1. I'm not a huge fan of humidity, but hooray for the way it makes ones hair curl!!! (In fact, for that I almost forgive it completely. :))

    I live on the verrry northern edge of the South and I've never been "South" proper, but some of my family and I have a prospective trip we might be taking later in the Spring to Charleston and this post makes me even more excited for it! In fact, I'm going to show it to my mother. :)

    I LOVE my little farm and its open hills and spreading views and whatnot, but for "where I belong"... I lived in WA until I was ten and I also feel like MT and those sorts of places especially are my "heart" country. :)

    1. Yes, humidity may have a few faults, but wondrous effects on hair reverse any hard feelings I may have!
      How exciting, I love vacations! And Charleston!! I hear it's absolutely lovely, and I can't wait to see it myself! Perhaps you could do a post on it when you get back. :)
      Heart country is an excellent description! It's a wonderful feeling and at the same time bittersweet. I wonder if in time my "heart country" will change to be my childhood home. But I think I will be happy wherever I live. :)

  2. I LOVE the South too!!! I've only ever been as far as Virginia, but it's like you said -- I feel a part of my heart is in those rolling green hills and valleys. :-) (Plus Williamsburg is pretty much my favorite place in the world.) I'm hoping to go to college in the South, and who knows -- maybe I'll make it my home someday.

    1. Yes! I want to go to college in the South too!!! And Williamsburg is so amazing. I can hear the fifes and drums now...:)