April 4, 2016

March Period Drama Tag

Tally-ho, dear people! It's time once again for this past month's period drama tag. I'm so excited to share with you all the latest in my period drama adventures!

1. What period dramas did you view in March?

  • I finally rented and watched Brooklyn, and I loved it! The costumes, the scenery, the Irish and Italian accents, all of it. I highly recommend it!
  • Over spring break I watched the first two Horatio Hornblower movies (eeee!), and He Knew He was Right, which was really depressing and kind of a waste of time. :(
  •  Last week I saw The Sound of Music in German class, which brought back all sorts of nostalgia and warm fuzzies. 
  • And now my family is making our way through Camelot. Yeah...it's pretty cheesy, but kind of fun!
Sound of Music:
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...
2. What is your favorite period drama soundtrack?
Ahh, don't ask this question; I have way too many favorites! I even wrote about it in one of my first posts: (cliquez here for the list!).  If I had to choose a top three, they would be Little Women, Last of the Mohicans, and Copperhead. And the opening theme for John Adams. (I know, I know, that's kind of like four. But they're all so gooood!)

This is definitely one of the most photogenic movies I've seen. Everything has such a homey glow to it!
3. If you could attend a ball in a Jane Austen story what would be the color of your ballgown and who would you dance with?
This seems like a job for Pinterest!
*20 minutes of searching later*
I think I found a nice one! (I love using Pinterest for time-traveling wardrobe purposes!)

                                   Evening Dress: ca. 1820-1825, lace, metal, silk.:
Ooh, and who would I dance with?  I think I'd split my time between Mr. Bingley and Mr. Tilney. :)

4. Do you prefer watching period dramas by yourself or with friends/family? Why?
I don't mind much either way. It sometimes depends on the movie. But until very recently I never had a friend who was interested in period drama, so if I watch those movies with anyone, it's probably my mother. :)

Ioan Gruffudd as Horatio Hornblower in the British historical miniseries by that name.:

5. What period dramas are you looking forward to viewing in April 2016?
Well, I'm dying to see more Horatio Hornblower, and Naomi just did a fantastic post on Call the Midwife, so I'll probably start watching that too. :) As for movies, I'm still itching to watch them all, so I'm not going to make a list. :) But I am immensely looking forward to seeing Love and Friendship when it comes out!

(P.S. It is snowing right now. In April. :P )


  1. You saw Sound of Music in German, then? How cool. :-P
    And you saw BROOKLYN. (Whyyyy is everyone watching this except me?!!! :-( )

    Aw, thank you - I'm glad my post made you want to watch CTM! You'll like it, I think. :-)

    ~ N

    1. Well, not in German, just in German class! :) It was kind of a treat before spring break. Besides, we learned about Austrian pride from Captain von Trapp! :)
      I seem to recall you having a similar sentiment on Cinderella. :) Don't worry dear, you'll see Brooklyn soon, I'm sure!
      Yes, I'm so looking forward to seeing CTM soon!

  2. HORNBLOWER!!!!!

    Yes, I admit it. I am a crazy fan. ;-P I'm SO glad you got to see the first two! (Those are some of the best. Even though the second one has no Archie. But then, basically all of the first six are my favorites.)

    Oh my, that's a beautiful dress! *Sigh*, I wish I could go to a ball and dance with Mr. Tilney...


    P.S. It's snowing here too, right now. In April.

    1. It's been so weird knowing that Archie has to come back some episode, since there are so many pictures of him. But...he floated off! So how does he return? I hope I find out soon in episode 3!
      What happened to spring, I wonder? It was here for a while, giving us all false security! :P

  3. Oh, yes! The Sound of Music certainly has the ability to make one feel nostalgic. :) And you watched it in German? Cool! I think it would be really interesting to watch a familiar movie in different language, but unfortunately I only know English so that's not really possible for me. :P

    Ahhh! Mr. Bingley and Mr. Tilney would be excellent dancing partners. Can I have one while you dance with the other? ;)

    SNOWING in April? What's it doing that for? It's Spring already! Seriously, the weather needs to catch up with the times. :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Well actually we watched it in plain old English, but in German class. I didn't write that very clearly! :P But we have watched other English movies in the German language, like Finding Nemo and Frozen!
      Yes, you certainly may have either gentleman...for a while! ;)
      And I agree completely: it's high time for warmth to return again! My poor flowers are freezing here!

    2. Haha! No worries. I don't always make myself very clear either. ;) But now I'm curious...how much German do you know? When you watched Finding Nemo and Frozen were you able to understand all of it, or did you have to guess at some things? I just wondered because my sister used to watch movies in Spanish but she often had to put the subtitles on the bottom of the screen because it was easier to understand if she could read the words as well as hear them.

      Heehee. THANK YOU!! That is so kind of you! Really it is. Giving up such a dancing partner even for just a little while is no small deal. ;)

      Speaking of warmth (or lack thereof), we just had our own April snow flurry this morning. Seriously! This weather is ridiculous!! :)

      ~Miss March

    3. I know enough German to get by in a basic conversation, I think. Some languages click pretty well with me, so I am getting better at understanding (and guessing!) German. In 1st year of German we had English subtitles, but since then we've gone to German subtitles and once I think we didn't have subtitles at all! Subtitles help a lot, but I think if you've seen the movie before in English, it's good for you to try to make connections between the languages without using them.
      Well, I suppose I can't steal BOTH their hearts, can I? ;)
      And yes, it's still snowing here! Unfortunately it's not enough for a snow day! :P

    4. That's so cool to be able to converse in a different language. Do you know other languages, as well?

      No, indeed. You've got to share them! Haha. ;) (Do you have a favorite Austen hero?)

      What? Now that's just not fair! If it's going to snow in April the least it could do is give you a snow day! Really, though. ;) We had another snowfall on Saturday. It didn't stick around, but there were big huge flakes coming down for hours. It was beautiful. Probably the prettiest snowfall we've had all year. Too bad it got stuck in the wrong month. Ha. ;)

    5. I have studied some Dutch and French in the past, but German is my most-studied language. I use Duolingo, which is a really well-done, free language learning website. (ha, I just sounded like a salesman! But really, it's good! :) Do you know any foreign languages?
      Favorites are hard for me; all the Jane Austen heroes are so good!! I can narrow it down to a three-way tie between Darcy, Bingley, and Tilney! :P Who's your favorite?
      Really? Wow, the same thing happened by me on Saturday: big beautiful snowflakes that were hard to get mad at! We must be safe from snow NOW, though...right?

    6. No, I never did do much with languages. Too hard. :P I'm not a hugely academic person, so unless I'm strongly interested in a subject I usually try to avoid it as much as possible. Heehee. ;) It's not that I wouldn't like to know another language...it's just that it's impossible to learn one without studying. :P

      Oh, I have a hard time picking favorites, too. Usually I chose Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knightly, and Henry Tilney as my three favorites, but I like all the other heroes, too. I don't always include Bingley because he's not technically the "hero" of the story, (and that helps to narrow things down a little...heehee) but oh! I REALLY like him, too. (Especially in the book and the 1995 movie. By the way, which Pride and Prejudice movie do you like?)

      Haha. That's funny. Then I guess you know exactly what I was talking about. And yes, those snowflakes certainly were too beautiful to get mad at! Indeed. We really MUST be safe from snow now! Though I guess I won't keep my fingers crossed, as the weather seems determined to be tricky. :P

    7. Haha I know what you mean. :P You sound very academic and educated though! To me, Dutch is the easiest language to learn, because it sounds like a toddler who combined English and German! :) I actually have a book called "Eighteenth Century English as a Second Language"! It's really fun. :)
      Bingley may not be the hero of the story, but he's the hero of my heart! (just kidding...that sounds quite silly! :P) And I have no problem picking a favorite here: it's the '95 P+P, naturally! ;)
      The weather *might* be picking up now. Hopefully the poor tulips and daffodils won't be too scared to bloom!

    8. Aww, thank you! It's a lot of work trying to sound educated, I'm glad I was able to pull if off. Haha. Just kidding. :P

      That's a really interesting description of the Dutch language. :) I don't know that I've ever heard anyone speak Dutch before, but now I'm very curious to hear what it sounds like.

      Okay, you literally just made me laugh out loud. "...he's the hero of my heart! (just kidding...that sounds quite silly!)" Hahaha! :D I think it's cool that Bingley's one of your favorites. He really is a dear character.

      Oh, and I'm SO relieved to find that P&P '95 is your favorite version, because I would be very, very shocked if it was the Mr. Bingley of the 2005 movie that you liked so very much. heehee. ;) (Have you seen the '05 movie? What do you think of Mr. Bingley in that version?)

    9. I think Bingley is a rather overlooked character, the poor fellow. He and Jane are perfectly perfect for each other! :) Perhaps I will do a fan post on him sometime!
      Oh, dear heavens no! Not the pale-faced fop pretending to be Mr. Bingley in 2005! I haven't seen the "fake" P+P, but I've read several reviews and seen many, many screenshots. I do not approve. :P

    10. Oh, PLEASE do a fan post on Bingley! I'd love to read it! And yes, I think Bingley is rather overlooked sometimes. Jane as well. They're both SO sweet and interesting; and yes, they're absolutely, adorably perfect for each other. :)

      Pale-faced fop! Haha. Yes, indeed. He's SO wrong for Mr. Bingley, it's painful. *shudders* :P

      (Sorry I keep replying. I have a way of going on and on sometimes. Please don't feel obligated to respond if I'm taking up too much of your time. I've just really enjoyed talking with you. :))

    11. Obligated? Of course not! This conversation has been one of the highlights of my week! :) I can delete some comments if you like, but otherwise I don't care a bit. I've enjoyed talking to you too! :)

    12. Oh, no! No need to delete anything. I was just worried I might be getting annoying by replying so quickly. :P But if you've enjoyed this conversation then all's well, because I VERY much enjoyed it, too! Thanks so much, Abby!! :D