April 10, 2016

Vintage Fun: the 1920's

I must confess: the writing muse has abandoned me today. Or maybe I'm just feeling lazy. :P Whatever the cause, I'm rather stumped on ideas, so I thought I'd share some neat pictures of an interesting decade in fashion, the 1920's. 

Google Image Result for http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-5B4qh7Y6gu8/TaNajn3vuyI/AAAAAAAAAD8/H0ZxST0Bqhk/s1600/1330-Vogue%2B1925%2BJan.jpg:
Although it would look ridiculous in real life, it's an elegant drawing!
To be honest, the 1920's is not my favorite era, fashion or otherwise. On the surface, at least, it seems like everyone was abandoning all morals and tradition, carelessly wasting so much that they plunged the next generation/decade into financial ruin. Women's fashion of the 1920's really reflects the carefree, loose lifestyle.

The perfume of this winter - Vogue (1927) by Susanlenox, via Flickr:
I have no idea why part of me likes this picture. I mean, it's... orange!

But it wasn't all so bad! So many people have the notion that all women wore back then were short, beaded, and tasseled dresses. (Downton Abbey viewers, of course, will know better than to think that!) Indeed, most women wore elegant evening dresses and everyday clothes that, although shorter and freer, were certainly not flapper-like! And look: I'll prove it! 
Chiffon party dress, c.1924, from the Vintage Textile archives.:
I love the elegant petal-like layers on this one!

silk dresses from the 1920's:
Everything here is so perfectly pink!

Tambour Embroidered Silk Dress, 1920-1924, Whitaker Auctions:
I normally wouldn't like this color scheme, but they work well with this floral motif.

Vintage beauties from the roaring twenties:
Non-flapper women having fun!

Do you enjoy any 1920's fashion?
Do you have a favorite vintage era?
Would you like me to cover some Downton Abbey fashion in the future?

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  1. Yeah, this isn't my favourite era either, but goodness, Downton Abbey made me love it SOOO much more. :-)
    AND YES I WOULD. (About you covering DA fashion. :-P)