May 20, 2016

My 5 Favorite Flowers

Happy May everybody! *tosses flower petals for effect* The weather has been absolutely glorious these past few days, and the flowers finally have no reason to fear snow. Tulips and daffodils and violets are everywhere, and besides making me sneeze, they are my favorite thing about this time of year. Flowers make me happy, but in my mind they are not created equal. While all flowers are wonderful, only a select few can win my complete favor.

Which flowers are those, you ask?
Well, step into my garden and I'll gladly show you! :)


So. Many. Petals! Peonies are so big and lush and full. Their color is such a powerful, intense pink or red, (or sometimes a lovely blush or white).  They smell amazing too. :)

                           Harvesting lavender:

There's a reason it's called Lavender Spring, you know. :) Lavender has a wonderful scent, and an even more wonderful color. Lavender does not have the most interesting blossoms, but I do like how nice the stems look all together.

                      bucket of lavender lilac:

If it didn't flow or click like "lavender" did, you can bet this blog would be called "Lilac Spring" instead. (But see what I mean? It just doesn't "go" together.) I love lilacs so much; their color, the bunches of flowers on each stem, and the smell. The smell is heavenly!

                           Katherine Morley Roses:
Roses are pretty. They just are. They're delicate, feminine, and simply gorgeous. I only like the English garden roses though, the open, round ones with lots of petals. I don't really care for cup-shaped roses that look like they're dyed different colors. No orange or purple roses for me! (I suppose I'm a rose snob. I'm OK with that.)

                 Always wanted flowering trees lining my driveway. Maybe I've got a bit of Anne of Green Gables left in me. :-):

Crape Myrtle
Crape Myrtle is such a lovely symbol of the South. I always associate it with driving through Virginia. :) I like the bright pink ones the best. They are all so delicate and fragrant! And of course, the crape myrtles in Williamsburg are the best. ;)

What are your favorite flowers?
Are you a flower snob?
What flowers are growing where you live right now?


  1. Ahhhh, the flowers are finally blooming!!! EMMA IS HAPPY. :-)

    Lilacs are some of my favorites. As far as fragrance goes, that is. I also love violets (which you've probably picked up on, haha) and orange tiger lilies (they come later in the summer) and daisies. Right now the buttercups are blooming, an our lilac bushes are simply bursting.

    Crape myrtle....I'm not sure I've seen that before!!! It's lovely! I've never been to Williamsburg in the spring, soooo....

    Lovely, Abby! :-)

    1. Oh, I like violets too! I just picked a huge handful this weekend to put in a vase. I like how they can be different shades of purple, and even white!
      Crape myrtle can kind of blend in with all the other lovely things in Williamsburg/the South, but you can find them all summer long! :)
      Thanks Emma!

  2. Such GORGEOUS flowers! It's coming into winter here!

    1. Thank you! Oh, I keep on forgetting the seasons are opposite in Australia! I think it must be so exciting to live there (although it probably doesn't feel that way if you've lived there a long time!)