May 24, 2016

Summer's Coming!

School is almost over hang in there with me guys!! (Hem, I mean, uh, ladies, assuming that most of you's just a figure of speech.)
But really.
I have just a few more days, and I'm free-to work. So that I can go to the college of my dreams. But I really like my jobs, so it's no heavy burden. Besides, the most important thing is the fact that I won't be in school, and summer's going to be warm. (At least, I tell myself that it'll be warm. It did snow on the 14th. Of May.)


I won't be working all the time, either. I'm standing up in a very exciting wedding in June, then heading off to Girl's State, which I'm really looking forward to. It's a camp where there's a mock government and you run for office. If that sounds boring, I probably didn't describe it right. My extroverted side is especially eager to win friends and votes and glory. (My extroverted side is also rather egotistical.) ;)
Aaand after that, I'm going on a youth group trip out west! For a girl who's hardly made it past the Mississippi in her life, this is pretty big.

          From the grounds of the Hermitage, Nashville TN #2:

Between all of these big events (which are all in the span of about 2 weeks, I might add), and for the rest of the summer, I have some goals I really want to accomplish. Writing them down for anybody to see will compel me to actually do them...right?

Abby's semi-Official List of Summer Goals
  • Get scholarships. Lots of 'em. College in America is not cheap. Reason #1370 why government should stick its nose somewhere else for a change Oops, that got a little heated. Moving on!
  • Work as much as possible (see point number one).
  • Read: I think I've read two good novels of my own free will this year; the rest are children's books and required reading. I'm behind on my Goodreads reading goals.
  • Get Fit:This one's a toughie. It's not like I'm obese or anything, but I'm no size 2, either. The fact that I hate working out doesn't help. If I could just have a horse to ride, or take ballroom dancing, I'd be in perfect shape!
  • Write something: It doesn't even matter any more. I used to make goals, like "write 10 poems" or "finish two short stories", but at this point I'll be happy if I do a couple good blog posts during summer. I also really want to start journaling again.
  • Practice violin and piano: there's always room to improve, and I want to challenge myself!
  • Learn some more French, Dutch, and German: I have learning spurts, but sticking to things is not my specialty. I want to get better!
  • Draw, garden, and drink more tea: three things that almost guarantee happiness. :)
P.S. Krøyer: Hip, Hip, Hurra! Kunstnerfrokost på Skagen.1888

Do you have exciting summer plans or goals?
Do you have a reading goal, and are you keeping up?


  1. "Reason #1370..." HAHAHA! Love that! Because it's so true. College really is WAY too expensive, and government WAY too involved in our lives. I couldn't agree more. ;)

    Your list of summer goals sounds great! I want to do more reading this summer, too. And, ha! I hear you about the whole "getting fit" thing. I'm terrible when it comes to exercising, too. :P I always have great plans for taking more walks in the summer, but then it gets super hot and my plans sort of dissolve. Haha. ;)

    Good luck with the big events you have coming up! I hope they go really well, and that you have loads of fun! :D

    Happy summer, Abby!

  2. I hear you; winters are way too cold to walk and then summers are too warm.
    Thanks Miss March, and happy summer! :)