June 1, 2016

A Dance With Jane Austen: Book Review


What do you get when you take Regency dancing and combine it with Jane Austen's life and books?
One lovely and interesting read, that's what!
    I got this book for Christmas, and finally started reading it this weekend. (So no, this isn't a paid book review or anything. I just like love it. :)
     Everything you might want to know about Jane Austen's love of dancing or about Regency dance in general is probably in this book! Yet it isn't heavy, long, or dry to read. Susannah Fullerton does a great job of keeping the writing light, entertaining, and informative.


    There are chapters on every aspect of Regency dancing: learning to dance; assembly and private balls; music; manners; fashion; and even transportation to balls! Each chapter usually starts with a quote from a Jane Austen letter or novel, and is followed with some history, or how people behaved in the real world. Then it dives into how and where Jane Austen wrote about dance in her novels (Northanger Abbey's assemblies at Bath, for instance). Readers also get to read about Jane Austen's personal passion for dancing.


The illustrations in this book are charming, and come from actual illustrations of the time. I learned a lot from this book, and can find nothing wrong with it. (They used one picture from P+P '05 when discussing dance in Jane Austen film, but this is forgivable). Overall this book deserves a five-star rating!
Have you read non-fiction about Jane Austen or the Regency period?
Do you enjoy Regency dance or fashion?
P.S. I have to return the computer I blog on to school, so the fate of future posts is a bit uncertain. But I'm not too worried; hopefully everything will work on the other devices lying around! :)

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  1. This looks great! The dances in Jane Austen have always been interesting to me.