June 4, 2016

April-May Period Drama Tag

Hello lovely people! :) It's time for another period drama challenge. This one's for April and May, which is rather nice, actually, since I haven't watched or reviewed many period dramas. Anyway, on to the questions!

Anna Sophia Robb Shares Photos from the set of her new PBS Drama ‘Mercy Street’:
The Green sisters from Mercy Street :)
What period dramas did you view in April/May?
I saw Amazing Grace and Belle over spring break, and just now I'm re-watching the first season of Downton Abbey (and loving it)!

Do you prefer to watch period dramas that have a happy ending or a bittersweet ending?
Definitely happy! Although I allow that sometimes bittersweet endings are beautiful and give a more powerful emotion, I'd much rather finish a movie with a smile on my face than a tears in my eyes!

                  .“…Dearest, loveliest Elizabeth” - Mr. Darcy:

What media forms do you prefer to use when watching period dramas?
I like watching them on PBS when they air on TV the best. Otherwise I usually borrow the DVD from the library or buy them from a rummage sale. :) Although I much prefer watching dramas on the television than on my computer, it's really useful when I can't find the DVD.

Which period drama character's wardrobe would you like to own?
Ooh, I'd love to have the wardrobes from Marie Antoinette or The Duchess, but I haven't seen either of those movies (for reasons). Otherwise I'd love to have Dido's or Elizabeth's wardrobe from Belle.
                           Hayley Atwell and Keira Knightley in 'The Duchess', 2008. Late 18th Century Georgian costumes by Michael O'Connor.:
What period dramas are you looking forward to watching in June 2016?
Hmm, well I'm going to finish Downton Abbey Season 1 for sure, and after that, we'll have to see! Hopefully I'll watch some more Horatio Hornblower!


  1. Ok wait hold the phone is that Hayley Atwell with Kiera Knightly ?!

    1. I did some sleuthing and yes, it is! :)

  2. I like happy endings best, too. :) And, aww, that picture of Elizabeth and Darcy is gorgeous. I love it. :D