June 13, 2016

I'm Going on an Adventure!

...And so I won't be around for a bit (not noticeably less than before, though. I've been a shamefully slow blogger this month!) I will tell you all about how I conquered the world and such when I get back. But while I'm off adventuring, I'll leave you with this lovely picture of the ever-polished royal family.

I want Kate's hat. And Princess Charlotte!


  1. Are you going to London??
    Kate's outfits lately have been GOLD.

  2. Oh I hope you have a lovely one Abby! I will look forward to hearing more. :)

  3. Leaving us? Aww. Well, I'll see you when you get back!! And I'll look forward to hearing about your adventures. :D Thanks for the picture. It's lovely.

  4. Naomi-Oh, I wish I were going to London! That would be splendid beyond words. But alas, I traveled a mere hour away to a girl's leadership/government program. And I couldn't agree more about Kate!
    Eowyn-Thank you! It was quite an adventure, though not lovely through and through. But really, it was fine, and well worth going on. :) And I'm sorry I don't know how to type the special mark for the E in your name!
    Miss March- I have returned! And I believe I will get started on a post about my adventure this very minute. And you're welcome for the picture. Spreading lovely things for all to see is one of my favorite hobbies. :)