June 25, 2016

Over the Hills and Far Away

Dear friends,
I am returned to Netherfield at last! (That means home. I'll have to think of an original title for my house.) In the last week or so, I have had two adventures, and will be having another one out west this coming week. But in between these wonderful, albeit exhausting travels, I hope to post at least once.

Love the colors!:
This could be me, alighting from the carriage that took me on my travels. I advise that you let your eyes bask in the beautiful colors and lighting of this picture. 
         This first adventure was an exciting one indeed! I was a bridesmaid for a rather special and close wedding in my family. It was so much fun meeting the other bridesmaids, decorating for the reception, and being part of the wedding party.

hearts hearts hearts:
I made a garland like this for the getaway car. I didn't mess with quite that many hearts, but it was still cute. :)
       My second adventure came the day after the wedding, so it was a bit unsettling to jump from one life-changing experience to the next. But as you can see, I survived it all. In general terms, I went to a Girls State program. If you don't know what that is, Girls State is a program run by the American Legion Auxiliary, women who are either descended from veterans or are veterans themselves, who promote Americanism. In the program, I joined hundreds of girls and set up a mock government. We had cities and counties, and some of us (including me) ran for state office. It was intense; there were long days, long meetings, and plenty of frustration.

                           Stars and Stripes:

Frustration? That shouldn't be a large part of a young lady's educational experience! Yet I'm afraid I ran into it several times in the camp. People are difficult. It's sad to say it but it's true. Political views and discussions are bound to come up in a camp that is all about government. And I was perfectly fine with that. It was exciting to be able to share my views with people who had never given an issue a second thought before. I was also ready to discuss (with a cool head, mind you) what to me is common sense and logic with people who disagreed. I know that people see the world in different ways, and have different life philosophies, but I still shudder at some of the words that came out of girls' mouths. They just don't get it. And I am truly distressed about my generation, one who is pro-choice and anti-America. A generation who is disgusted with the military and hates police. A generation who would not only allow, but push for a system that would strip Americans of their rights and freedoms, and lose everything that makes the United States special.

So in short, it was frustrating to find out how mistaken many girls are, and frustrating to be opposed for having a different stance. On top of that, it was frustrating, of course, to work hard for an office and still lose. No, I'm not crazy depressed or anything, Life isn't fair, and I'm not going to waste any more time whining about it.

Besides, you probably all think by now that this was some terrible experience for me. And the parts I previously mentioned were no doubt highly unenjoyable. But I really loved other parts of the program. I didn't make any lasting friendships, but I loved talking to lots of other girls who were, more or less, like me. Making posters and getting nominated for office was a lot of fun too. I'm confident that as time passes, I'll think even more fondly on the week I spent at Girl's State.


I leave you, once again, on what is hopefully my third and final adventure of the month! Since I signed off last week with a British picture, I thought I'd start a tradition. But wait! This ties in with another subject I've been itching to talk about, especially with my international readers: Brexit! What is your opinion on it? I think it's exciting, and I'm glad that Britain is willing to become a more independent country. I know there will be repercussions, but I think the pros outweigh the cons. I also want to hear what you all think, though!
Adieu, until I find internet again!


  1. You went to be bridesmaid?!!! Cool! What a lovely pictures. :D

    1. Thanks Rachel! Yes, being a bridesmaid was super fun! :)

  2. Over the hills and far away....do you know that song?! I'm continually surprised with all the things you mention in your posts that I didn't think anyone else knew about anymore. It's delightful. ;-)

    Wow! Sounds like a lot of excitement. I'm glad your Girls State program was still a good experience, if frustrating. (And I know what you mean. People have such weird ideas. It is indeed frustrating.) And oooh, another adventure out west?! I can't wait to hear about it!

    My next adventure is a five-day writing camp...which I head off to this afternoon!


    1. Yes, I love that song! I am just as pleased when this thing happens. :) Thank goodness for blogging, or else I couldn't have discovered my secret "twin"! ;)
      A writing camp sounds fantastic! Have a wonderful time!

  3. Ohhh! You got to be a bridesmaid? How fun! Was this the first time you'd ever been in a wedding? I've been a bridesmaid twice now, once for my brother's wedding, and once for my sister's. :)

    Wow. Your second adventure sounds quite intriguing. Running for state office? What an experience! :) I'm sorry there were some frustrations involved--though, I totally understand why there would be, and I'm sure I would have felt the same if I were in your place. It really is discouraging when you realize that your views on things are so little shared by others. :( I'm glad you had some good times, too, though. And, you're right, as time passes you probably will look back on that week even more fondly. :)

    Thanks for sharing your adventures with us, Abby!! :D

    1. Yes, it's my first time, and a jolly good one, too.
      It was an experience alright! I liked making my campaign posters and running my nomination papers around. And thanks for the encouragement!
      Thanks for the lovely comment! (Writing

    2. (Greetings from Colorado, by the way. I'm having a good time on this adventure!)