July 3, 2016

Tag, I'm It!

Well, I'm back...again!
*collapses on top of suitcase*
My third adventure, this time in Colorado, was an interesting one. But after riding the bus overnight both ways, and having little sleep in between, I am quite exhausted. That's why I'm so thankful that Rachel tagged me with some simple, straightforward questions! So-voila:

1. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
 I love cherry chocolate ice cream, with big chunks of cherries and chocolate chips. :)

2. Do you love period drama? Why or why not? 
Oh yes, definitely! Period drama is one of the main reasons I started this blog; I envied other beautiful blogs about period drama, and I wanted to connect with other people who love it.

3. What is your prettiest book cover?
Well, after a quick glance around my room, I found this one:

Sweet Paris: A love affair with Parisian chocolate, pastries and desserts

4.What's your favorite series?
I mean, if we're talking lasting impact here, I'd have to say something like all the Felicity books, or all the American Girl books, or maybe the Little House books. That is my straightforward, definite answer.

5. Do you have a favorite flower? Which is one of your favorites?
I did a post on my favorite flowers here. I think as of now, my favorite flower is the peony. I think. Very decisive, I am!


6. Do you write?
Well, I write on this blog anyway! I used to have a pretty good journal and wrote lots of poetry. But my writing muse, (or at least my poetry/story muse) has up and left for years. I've kinda sorta been working on a book about an runaway indentured servant in 18th century America, but I cannot stress enough how seldom I touch it.

7.How old is your blog?
It is now over half a year old! That question just made me realize this: this is amazing! I've passed a benchmark!

8. Do you love Lucy Maud Montgomery? Why or why not?
Well...I love listening to people who love her? I will confess: Anne of Green Gables was not even on my radar until a few years ago. Weird, huh? I love the character and movie, and have at some point in the murky past read the book, but I haven't boarded the Montgomery train...yet!

Is this the cutest cover or what?

9.Do you like fashion?
Anything from the 16th century to the 1950's, I do! And yes, I like some modern fashions and love shopping (with a stress on looking, not buying!), but historic fashion is where my true passion lies.

Gown detail, 1775 -1780, Spain. Linen, silk, satin, lace, taffeta, tape [Handpainted]. Round neckline has detachable cowl. Trimmed with bobbin lace linen that runs around the perimeter of the neck, front and cuffs. The same perimeter is crossed by a silk ribbon hand painted with motifs of leaves and stems. All seams are covered by a braided silk cord and shoulder pads leads draped topped with tassels.     [CE001005 ]  (c) Museo del Traj ceres.mcu.es:
Because I will never fit all my 18th century gowns into a Vintage Fun post:
10. What's your favorite color?
Lavender. Thus Lavender Spring. :)

11. Who's your favorite actress? 
The truth is, I am really bad at following/identifying actresses, and I have a hard time removing actors from their roles. But based on the fact that to me, no one else could ever really be Jo March, I suppose Winona Ryder. *looks up Winona Ryder* For Little Women only, apparently. Most of her movies are trash!

Jo March. Bold. Unafraid to take risks and try new things. Someone who breaks the mold and challenges tradition. Someone who loves others and works to give new opportunities to the disadvantaged. "Astonishing.":

12. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Oh... a few. :)

And as often happens, it seems that everyone I am aware of in my little area of the blogosphere has been tagged, and I really am exhausted, so I think I'll just leave it at that!
Happy Independence Day!


  1. Thanks dear Abby. Your welcome, it was fun to do. :)

  2. Winona Ryder is an AMAZING actress. Besides Little Women I've seen her in Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice, both supremely weird movies! There are a few others with her that I'd like to see, though.

    1. Oooh I haven't seen Edward Scissorhands.. too creepy for me!