August 22, 2016

A Downton Abbey Tag

Hello fellow Downtown Downton Abbeyites! (I thought I'd just make you cringe a little there) ;) Naomi's Downton Abbey week has been off to a great start, and so that I won't miss all the fun (like Edith), I'm going to do her tag!
But wait!
Ruth from Amongst Spring Blossoms tagged me with a DA tag last month, and I still haven't done it! So I'll do that one first:
1. Who is your favorite couple from Downton Abbey?
Why, the one everyone loves, of course; Mary and Mathew.

2. Do you know without looking it up who is the director of this series?
Yup, Jullian Fellows. Thought that he was a she for the longest time, until I saw a picture! 

3. Who is your favorite character?
I really like Rose, especially when she isn't trying to get back at her parents. I love how she develops throughout the seasons!
She's dancing with the prince!!
5. What is your favorite Dowager Countess quote?

6. Which of the children do you like most?
Well, between Mary, Sybil and Edith, I like Sybil the best, with pre-Mathew-mortem Mary at a close second. Of the little wee ones, I like George the most. 

7. When did you feel sadder, when Sybil died, or Mathew?
WAIT MATHEW DIES?!? JK, I already knew that. (Sorry, it's probably not nice to joke about something so awful. RIP, Mathew.) I think I cared more about the effects of Mathew's death than Sybil's, but I did cry more when Sybil died. I think it's a draw.

8. Which character would you want to be in more? 
Mathew. I'd save his life, and have everyone live happily ever after. 

9. Which character would you rather not have in this series?
Hmm, considering how much I like this show, I sure do dislike a lot of characters! I'd really like if Miss Bunting weren't in the series, or that other annoying maid who liked Tom. And I really wish Isobel weren't so annoying too!

Just look at that smug face!

10. What was the nicest moment in Downton Abbey?
I don't have a specific moment; I just like it most when there's a wedding (that actually gets completed (looking at you, Stralland)) or a wonderful kiss (when it isn't improper). 

Now for Naomi's tag:

1. Who introduced you to Downton Abbey?
It was just on public television, and it soon got incorporated into the already established Sunday pizza night at my house!

2. What season do you enjoy the most?
Probably Season 2, but I like the first three seasons the most, in general.

Ah, Season 1. When everyone was still alive, and wearing purple. 

3. Who wore the prettiest wedding dress?
I like Lady Rose's dress the best, but Mary's veil deserves an honorable mention.

4. What plot twist/scene came most unexpectedly to you? (Or do you pre-read all the spoilers?)
No, I don't read the spoilers! Since Downton Abbey came out when I was 10 (crazy, I know!), it's hard to remember what really shocked me then versus the more recent re-watching. Perhaps Sybil's sudden turn for the worse after she had her baby? Sometime's it was people's reactions to things that I couldn't understand, like Mathew's weird honor complex with Lavinia and inheritance money...c'mon, Mathew! I soon learned to expect the unexpected, and that nobody can be happy for an entire episode without something bad happening to them. 

5. If you could save one character from dying, who would you save?
In Emma's words, MathewSybil. ;) It really is an impossible question! But I'll say again, I felt that Mathew's death changed the entire series more than Sybil's. I'm going to make a rash statement now, that some of you may throw rotten tomatoes at me for: I would rather have Downton Abbey end as a series with Mary and Mathew holding their baby than have it go on to have Mathew die. There. I will now dodge the rotten tomatoes. 

6. Who is your favorite Downton Abbey footman?
Oh, probably William. Alfred could easily have been, if only he'd just court Daisy instead of that silly Ivy person.

7.  What typo annoys you more? "Downtown Abbey", or "Downton Abby"? 
"Downtown Abbey", for sure. For one, "Abby" is simply an accidental omission, whereas "Downtown" appears a purposeful, or at least ignorant, addition. 

8. Which character do you think developed the best throughout the seasons?
Probably Rose. But I have to rewatch the last seasons again to make sure. :)

9. Favorite Downton couple?
Again, I really need to rewatch (and in some cases, re-rewatch) the series, but for now I'll stick with Mary and Mathew. In second place is Anna and Mr. Bates. 

10. Which of Granny Grantham's one-liners is your favorite?

Oh, good, I'll pick another one!
I wouldn't normally appreciate this sentiment, but it's directed at Mrs. Crawley, so...

11. How do you react when you meet another DA-lover?
This, sadly, has happened but once in non-internet life (plus I kind of just assume everyone in this blogging circle likes DA already). Anyway, my non-internet friend started watching recently, so we have fun talking about the characters. I also say "just you wait and see" a lot! :)

12. Do you think the show should go on and on, or do you think it should have ended earlier?
It's good that the series stopped at 6 seasons. The 20's aren't my favorite decade, and I fear the 30's are worse. (I'm a lot like Carson when it comes to keeping tradition!) Besides, the series skips time faster than the actors age, so it would have started to become very unrealistic in that sense. I also stand by my statement from question 5.

13. Which room in Downton Abbey is your favorite?
I love both the Dowager house and Mrs. Crawley's house. I like the paint on the walls, and all the natural light. 

14. If you could be part of the story, would you rather be a person upstairs or downstairs?
I'd want to be upstairs, so I could (in some ways) have more freedom, be able to shop more, go dancing, and wear beautiful dresses. :)

15. Who would you rather spend an afternoon with, Mrs. Patmore or Mrs. Crawley?
At first I was thinking Mrs. Crawley, but I think I would get nervous and shy with her. I'd rather get a few cooking lessons with Mrs. Patmore!

16. Do you have any Downton Abbey inside jokes with anyone?
Sadly, no. I'd suggest we all make one now, but forcing an inside joke kind of defeats the purpose. :/

17. Describe the show in one word.

18. On a scale of 1-10. how much of a fan do you consider yourself?
Probably a 7, maybe even a 6.5! Compared to what I've read from other bloggers, I think I get more frustrated and annoyed with lots, if not most of the characters by the final season. I think I'm a little bitter yet over how they kill people off, and I've perceived a definite pandering to American sentiments in the later seasons; it became more soap-opera-ish.
But don't worry; I still love the show! Seeing the fashions and the beautiful sets are my favorite parts.

19. Do you sometimes forget who is who?
Yup. I was 10 when this came out, and watched it as faithfully as I could when the episodes aired on Sunday nights. But of course, I've missed parts of, or entire episodes over the 6 years, so my memory is quite patchy!

My face when I can't remember who a character is!
20. Finally, who is your favorite character, and why do you love them?
  • Lady Rose, for her spunk, and how lovely she turns out in the end
  • Lady Violet, also for her spunk, her traditional ways, and her (mostly) common sense
  • Lady Sybil, although she wasn't perfect (going to political meetings etc.), she really was sweet. Was. *sniff* :(

Well, if you made it to the bottom of this incredibly long, double-tag post, I thoroughly congratulate and thank you! Thanks again, Naomi and Ruth, for writing such fun tags!

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  1. I SOOO AGREE YOU ON #5. :-) Here, let us shake hands.
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