November 30, 2016

Cue the Confetti

Because December is here! And Advent! And the first day of my advent calendar! Today's big reveal isn't really a post, but the new layout. (I held on to that autumn header for almost three months, folks. This is a big deal!) I feel I should tell you that the header (which is by no means as good as I wished it had been) took a whopping 2 hours to make. I am slightly ashamed and frustrated with myself. :P But anyway, that's partly why you aren't seeing a hugely long post about Advent or anything today. And just like a real advent calendar, some days might just be a picture and a Bible verse. But there will also be some bigger, funner stuff too, including a game (if I can think of one!), movie reviews, and tomorrow's tag! :D

Glossy black door:

P.S. I know 25 posts is a lot, and of course I won't feel bad if you don't have the time or will to read or comment on every single one. But if you are so inclined to comment, thank you in advance: they are like Christmas presents from all of you! :) 

November 24, 2016


Tasha Tudor gathering fall leaves:

I am thankful for the air; air so cool and crisp it makes your lungs swell with joy. I'm thankful for the air, so warm and humid the hair around my face makes tiny ringlets.

I am thankful for fall leaves, and summer leaves, and spring leaves, and the way the snow coats the tree branches in winter. 

I am thankful for color. God could have easily given us a black and white world or black and white vision. But he gave us an enormous spectrum of color for nature, art, and our everyday happiness.

I am thankful for music; clap-along, dance-along, cry-along music. I am thankful for Strauss. And Bach. And Mozart. I am thankful that someone had the bright idea to invent the harp, and the violin.

I am thankful for nature and art and gardens and tea and chocolate. God gave us hundreds of different flavors to taste, when he didn't have to make any. But he did. Just for us.

I am thankful.

cinemagraph gif gif nature cinemagraph perfect loop cinemagraphs living stills

Happy Thanksgiving!
What are you especially thankful for this year?
How was your Thanksgiving?

November 22, 2016

My Favorite Things

A wise man named George Washington once said "It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one." And since my only excuses for not posting recently are silly things like school and work and distractions, I will not mention them as excuses. ;)
Anyway, in order to somewhat make up for the absence of late, I'm going to do two posts in two days. Which is sheer and utter madness for me, but I guess I'll call this warm-up for my soon-to-be Advent Calendar! (Yikes!  I mean Yay!:)
So I started brainstorming things I'm thankful for, for a Thanksgiving post, but all I could think about were the lyrics to "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music. And at first I was like "come on now Abby, be serious!", but then I thought "well, I am thankful for pretty much everything in that song,and shall dedicate entire posts to them!" So in case you were wondering what a conversation in my head looks like, there you have it. :) 

My Favorite Things

Morgan Colors- Buckskin Morgan Horses:

Cream-colored ponies

...Apple, pear and sour-cherry strudel...Nothing beats the crunch you hear when cutting into a strudel – it's the promise of great things to come.:

And crisp apple strudels

Scrumptious winter colors in that black harness, gold bells, caramel brown coat of fur, frosty blonde mane, and cheery red barn. Inspired winter color palette.:

Door-bells and Sleigh-bells

Herb-Speckled SpƤtzle and Pork Schnitzel.  Do they make this in a gluten-free version?:

And schnitzel with noodles

Supermoon With Canada Geese:

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings

These are a few of my favorite things.

Which of these favorite things is your favorite thing?
Did you sing the song in your head while you read this post? :)

November 9, 2016

Well, America?

To whom it may concern,
Let's address the big red, white, and blue elephant in the room, shall we?
I just finished school for the day. I'm studying writing this post in a teacher's room before I go to my Christmas a capella group's practice, even though my voice is gone. I'm tired. I'm still sick, which might be why I'm rambling on and on without getting to the aforementioned elephant.
Yes. He won. I'm happy. Grateful. Relieved.
If you or your family voted or felt differently, just know that we are sooo still friends because tea and Jane Austen overcome all barriers. And I mean it, truly.
And following with the theme of the rest of this post, I'd like to make a few disjointed points about the election:

#America the Beautiful:

  • I am not comfortable with some of the things Mr. Trump has said. He does shoot off at the mouth sometimes, but I believe that is a side effect of being the fierce, go-getter type of person he is. He has apologized for many of his politically incorrect and inconsiderate faux pas's however. 
  • It's good to remember that even John Adams, one of the main reasons we have a United States of America in the first place, was often considered obnoxious and pigheaded. But he got stuff done. Hmm, does that sound familiar? 
  • Although I am not comfortable with everything about Mr. Trump, I would be a thousand times more uncomfortable to say that my president is a criminal who has committed treason. Because what Clinton has done by not securing her emails, and then lying about it, is treason.
Sweet land of liberty - The 28 Principles of Liberty - YouTube.
  • Especially to my foreign friends and readers: I have heard that "if Trump is elected president, the world will hate us (America)". I hope that you don't feel this way, but if you do/your country does, I would be interested in knowing why. I am always in favor of clearing misunderstandings between people.
  • Also to my foreign friends, but also to Americans: please don't believe everything you have seen on the television, newspaper, or internet about the election. Trump has said that the election is rigged, and while he was called a nutcase for saying so, he wasn't all wrong. We have a really bad media bias problem in America right now, so it's no wonder that people who base their opinions on what should be perfectly valid sources, are in fact misinformed.
Psalm 33:12. Our country has got to turn back to GOD! We have taken GOD out of our schools, laws & society!:
  • To the kids (and teachers) wearing all black in school today: I'm sorry you feel bad. I wore black to school the day President Obama got elected, and I'm familiar with how crushing defeat can feel. I'm also familiar with what 8 years under President Obama has done to our country both economically and socially. And I'm ready for a change. 
  • One of my bottom lines: Trump is against most abortions, Clinton is for most abortions. It comes down to a question of life or death.
  • I hope that posting a more serious, political post won't scare you all away; it's a most rare and unusual occurrence on this blog! And if you have any questions, whether they're about my reasoning, government, or America in general, don't hesitate to ask! 


November 1, 2016

Something Special's in the Air...

Dare I say it? Dare I reveal this blog's biggest secret yet? (Which most of you probably already knew?)

I'm having a party! Not just any party though, a party that will last exactly 25 days. I'm going to have an Advent calendar here at Lavender Spring. Every day I will post something about the Christmas season. I plan on having a blend of both religious and secular. I'll talk about some of my favorite Christmas traditions, and celebrate Christmas through period dramas. You'll see the German side of me, as well as the Christian.
I know it's a ways away, but I'm just so excited, I wanted to let you know! Now I must get back to working on 25 posts (eek!), but before you leave, do grab a button, if you are so inclined. :)