November 24, 2016


Tasha Tudor gathering fall leaves:

I am thankful for the air; air so cool and crisp it makes your lungs swell with joy. I'm thankful for the air, so warm and humid the hair around my face makes tiny ringlets.

I am thankful for fall leaves, and summer leaves, and spring leaves, and the way the snow coats the tree branches in winter. 

I am thankful for color. God could have easily given us a black and white world or black and white vision. But he gave us an enormous spectrum of color for nature, art, and our everyday happiness.

I am thankful for music; clap-along, dance-along, cry-along music. I am thankful for Strauss. And Bach. And Mozart. I am thankful that someone had the bright idea to invent the harp, and the violin.

I am thankful for nature and art and gardens and tea and chocolate. God gave us hundreds of different flavors to taste, when he didn't have to make any. But he did. Just for us.

I am thankful.

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Happy Thanksgiving!
What are you especially thankful for this year?
How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Abby! I'm thankful for my family, good books, a tank full of gas, Luke Bryan songs and great friends like you. :-)

    1. Aw, Emma thank you for that! I'm so happy to have the opportunity to make friends like you through blogging! As much as I'd have liked to live in the 18th century, I suppose blogging wouldn't be an option! :P

  2. This was a wonderful post, Abby! When I think of all that God has done for us, despite the fact that we don't deserve any of it, I'm just in awe.

    This year I'm especially thankful for my wonderful family, Jesus' unfailing love, and God's beautiful creation.

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Molly! Yes I definitely agree; God's mercy and creation is AWEsome. I did have an excellent Thanksgiving surrounded by my family. :)

  3. Beautiful post, Abby. I liked this line especially: "I am thankful for music; clap-along, dance-along, cry-along music." I just think that was a really neat way of putting it. :)

    I say this every year, but I'm definitely thankful my family, and in particular the friendships I have with my siblings. I'd be a pretty lonely person if it wasn't for them. :)

    My Thanksgiving was very nice. Thanks for asking. We stayed home and made a big meal, and then my brother and his wife and son came over for dinner. It was fun. How about you? Did you stay home for Thanksgiving, or did you celebrate at a relative's or a friend's house? Did you have a traditional Thanksgiving meal?

    ~Miss March

    1. Thank you Miss March! I was trying to be poetic before I went down to dinner, and I'm glad that line came across! :) Yes, siblings are wonderful! Cousins too, if you ask me. :) Your Thanksgiving is eerily similar to mine, actually. My family stayed home and had a big meal, and later my brother and his wife came over for dinner...weird huh? Granted, my grandparents and cousins were around for the main meal at noon, but still! And yes, we had all the traditional Thanksgiving staples, including pumpkin pie. :)

  4. Perfectly lovely, Abby dear. :)