November 9, 2016

Well, America?

To whom it may concern,
Let's address the big red, white, and blue elephant in the room, shall we?
I just finished school for the day. I'm studying writing this post in a teacher's room before I go to my Christmas a capella group's practice, even though my voice is gone. I'm tired. I'm still sick, which might be why I'm rambling on and on without getting to the aforementioned elephant.
Yes. He won. I'm happy. Grateful. Relieved.
If you or your family voted or felt differently, just know that we are sooo still friends because tea and Jane Austen overcome all barriers. And I mean it, truly.
And following with the theme of the rest of this post, I'd like to make a few disjointed points about the election:

#America the Beautiful:

  • I am not comfortable with some of the things Mr. Trump has said. He does shoot off at the mouth sometimes, but I believe that is a side effect of being the fierce, go-getter type of person he is. He has apologized for many of his politically incorrect and inconsiderate faux pas's however. 
  • It's good to remember that even John Adams, one of the main reasons we have a United States of America in the first place, was often considered obnoxious and pigheaded. But he got stuff done. Hmm, does that sound familiar? 
  • Although I am not comfortable with everything about Mr. Trump, I would be a thousand times more uncomfortable to say that my president is a criminal who has committed treason. Because what Clinton has done by not securing her emails, and then lying about it, is treason.
Sweet land of liberty - The 28 Principles of Liberty - YouTube.
  • Especially to my foreign friends and readers: I have heard that "if Trump is elected president, the world will hate us (America)". I hope that you don't feel this way, but if you do/your country does, I would be interested in knowing why. I am always in favor of clearing misunderstandings between people.
  • Also to my foreign friends, but also to Americans: please don't believe everything you have seen on the television, newspaper, or internet about the election. Trump has said that the election is rigged, and while he was called a nutcase for saying so, he wasn't all wrong. We have a really bad media bias problem in America right now, so it's no wonder that people who base their opinions on what should be perfectly valid sources, are in fact misinformed.
Psalm 33:12. Our country has got to turn back to GOD! We have taken GOD out of our schools, laws & society!:
  • To the kids (and teachers) wearing all black in school today: I'm sorry you feel bad. I wore black to school the day President Obama got elected, and I'm familiar with how crushing defeat can feel. I'm also familiar with what 8 years under President Obama has done to our country both economically and socially. And I'm ready for a change. 
  • One of my bottom lines: Trump is against most abortions, Clinton is for most abortions. It comes down to a question of life or death.
  • I hope that posting a more serious, political post won't scare you all away; it's a most rare and unusual occurrence on this blog! And if you have any questions, whether they're about my reasoning, government, or America in general, don't hesitate to ask! 



  1. ABBY, THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS. I agree %100 and I'm so proud of you for saying these things that need to be said.


    1. You're so welcome Emma! And thank you for your kind comment!


    Thank you so much for bringing this, Abby. Politics can be a touchy subject to discuss with people, but I'm so happy to find that you're experiencing the same relief I am. I stayed up WAY too late Tuesday night waiting, waiting, waiting for Pennsylvania to "just go red already!!" but I finally had to go to bed before it was officially over. It was an enormous relief to wake up in the morning and hear that Trump had won. :)

    This has been such a crazy election. During the primaries Mr. Trump was the LAST person I would have considered voting for. I did not like him AT ALL. And now here I am feeling super happy that he's going to be our next president! Haha. ;D

    I really like your point about John Adams. :) Also what you said about the media bias in our country. Totally, TOTALLY agree with you on that one!!

    Thanks for this post, Abby!!

    1. I'm so glad you agree Miss March! I was a little nervous to write this post, but I'm tired of not even being able to be happy about the election in front of other people at school. I stayed up to 1:30 even though I was sick because I couldn't stand the idea of going to bed happy and then waking up and finding out Hillary won.
      I know, I didn't like him at all either during the primaries! I wanted my governor to win, or Rubio or Cruz. But I'm glad Trump became slightly more reasonable and serious as the election went on.
      Thank you for the comment! It's so nice to know that there are other people like me out there! :)

  3. I completely agree with you on ALL of these points, Abby! You put everything so well, and so respectfully, too. Thank you for writing this! :)

    1. Molly, I'm so glad we agree! What a relief it is to know that there are other girls our age across the country who feel this way despite the way so many other teenagers are feeling and behaving. I'm glad I came off as respectful; I was trying so hard to write with a level head. It was so frustrating to go to school and be surrounded by people who were crying about such a wonderful thing!
      Thanks Molly!