December 15, 2016

10 Fun Things to Send Your Friends in Letters


I think we can all agree that while internet, email, and Pinterest messaging is all very nice and convenient, the handwritten, hand-mailed letter is more touching, and often more fun to receive and read. But with postage as expensive as it is (especially overseas!), I often feel the need to cram as much as possible into each letter, without having to pay more for the extra weight! :P But more importantly than that, I feel that a little extra something added in the envelope are a quaint and beautiful surprise for the recepient. Some of these ideas will work better for some friends than for others, but I hope you find one that works for you!

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1. Confetti

As long as your friend doesn't mind picking up a mini, glittering mess, confetti is a great way to pleasantly surprise your corespondent! You can use store-bought, shiny confetti, or make it out of an old book or piece of music.

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2. A Bookmark
There are so many ways to make a beautiful bookmark. You don't even have to use paper; you could try ribbon, or even fabric!

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3. A Piece of Music
If your friend plays an instrument, why not give her a piece of music that you'd think she'd like? You could pull it from an old music book (if you have any lying around!), or print one of the bajillion free scores on the internet.

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4. Dried Flowers
Sending pressed flowers is like sending a bit of summer or a snippet of your garden. I find this especially touching over long distances. Pressed flowers are pretty simple; just pick some flowers, keeping in mind what they'll look like flat. Then sandwich them in newspaper and in between some heavy books for a few days, and voila! Summer preserved! Also, remember that every flower has a meaning. 

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5. A Recipe
If you and your friend like to bake, cook, or eat, a recipe is a great way to share a bit more about yourself, whether it's a family favorite, or something that uses some of your favorite ingredients.
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6. An Embellished Poem, Verse, or Quote
The possibilities here are endless! I am by no means a good artist (not even a doodle one!), but with a little practice, anyone can produce a cute version of some meaningful words.

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7. A Lock of Hair
So remember when I said some of these things aren't for everyone? I totally get it if you think this is gross or weird or creepy. But I think it's sweet, and very Austen-esque. If it makes you feel any better, people do/did send locks of hair as a symbol of friendship, not just of romance or death. It's definitely a meaningful gesture if you and a friend live far away.

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8. A Photograph
Sometimes I feel awkward when sending photographs, because either it's of totally random stuff, or it's of me and other people having fun...without the friend you're sending it to. :/ But with certain pictures, and certain friends, a photograph can be a great way to stay in touch.

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9. A Coloring Page
Coloring pages are great because you can color one part (or one side) of the page, and your friend can color another part, and coloring pages and books are cheap for the most part and it's just so much FUN!

Image result for english tea shop tea bags
This is my favorite tea brand; aren't the packages the cutest??
10. A Tea Bag
Sometimes my friends and I will schedule a tea time via text, and we take pictures of us enjoying our tea and send it to each other. It's kind of like having tea together in person, and just so much fun to do. Sending a tea bag to a friend is like an invitation to tea, and just such a nice gesture if you ask me! :)

So there you have it! 10 things to spice up your snail mail. 
Did you have a favorite item on this list?
Did you think any of these were a bit odd?
Do you have any other ideas of what to send your friends that will fit in an envelope?


  1. This is a completely charming idea! I can't wait to try some of them. :)

  2. LOVE THIS! This is so sweet. And one of my friends just sent me bookmarks in a letter, so I can vouch for them being a most delightful addition to a letter indeed. :)

    Thanks for a delightful post, Abby. I'm going to have to keep these ideas in mind for future reference. :)

    1. Glad you liked it Miss March! :) One can hardly receive a bookmark over a text, now can they? ;)

  3. I love getting mail!!! And I love sending handwritten letters!!! These will be fun to try! It will make what I'm sending fancier than the stickers I usually cover my letters with. I really like the confetti idea!!!

    1. Me too, but I can be such a procrastinator sometimes with letter writing...:P Hey, stickers are a good idea too! :)

  4. Oh, I love the coloring page idea! <3 I'm really fond of adult coloring books myself and just received an Anne of Green Gables coloring book for Christmas! I also have a whole board on Pinterest with beautiful pages! The tea packet idea is also really sweet!

    I also like to send holy cards sometimes in my letters. (The person's patron Saint, one for Christmas, or other beautiful image.)

    These are all awesome ideas and I can't wait to try some! Thank you!

    1. Aren't those coloring books so neat? I have two Jane Austen ones and one of the Psalms. And that card idea sounds neat! :)

  5. What a lovely post, Abby! I especially loved the ideas of pressed flowers and tea bags. All were very good ideas, though. I wish I had some correspondents, but I don't know anyone interested in snail mail :/ Not surprisingly, of course. All of my friends from far away just text me, but I wish more people in general appreciated the art of letter-writing.

    1. Thanks Elanor! Aw, you have my sympathies! I did join a group on Goodreads that matches you with a Christian girl penpal. Here's a link:
      Also, it's not really a back-and-forth sort of system, but Postcrossing is great for sendning and receiving postcards from all over the world!

    2. You can send on to me Elanor! I love snail mail!!

  6. These are all such neat, creative ideas! Especially the idea of a tea bag. And yes, the packaging of that tea is adorable! :)

    Speaking of letters, I have a really pretty Colonial Williamsburg card that I think you might like, so I'll try and send that to you soon! I'll try to keep these ideas in mind when I do. :)

    1. Thanks Molly! Oh you do, do you? :) Sounds exciting! I remember you put a Williamsburg sticker on the last one; it did not go unappreciated! :)

  7. Oh my goodness!!! Such sweet ideas!!! Makes me want to send real-life paper letters...I used to all the time!
    LOVE this!!!

    1. Thanks Rae! Yeah, writing letters can be such a forgotten art these days when we're all so busy.

  8. Oh, Abby dear! However did you know I was just thinking about this very subject the other day??? I am forever mailing tea bags along with little notes I send, but this! These are such brilliant ideas, thank you!

  9. I never actually thought about this till now. It's brilliant.

    Next time I write a letter, I will remember these things you came with, I will.

    I LOVE written letters, however we do everything with e-mail these days. It's sad that we don't do letters anymore. I know e-mail can be easier and faster, but a letter is elegant, lovely and you can put things in it, like quotes, poems, photographs, en a lot of things.

  10. I put a sheet of stickers in every birthday card I sent to our many nieces and nephews, as well as the children of my friends.

    And hey! I have that Jane Austen coloring book! I just got it, and I'm loving it.