December 19, 2016

A Very MerryTag: Link-Up

Dear, dear readers,
I don't mean to abuse you so, posting late at night for something that ought to be "opened" technically in the morning. But I'm sure many of you are experiencing the same thing as I am: last minute Christmas rush and stress; except mine is mostly balancing school work and daily writing/creating here. *inserts stressed face*
Anyway, here is the official link up to my Very-Merry Tag: thank you all so much for participating; I loved seeing all of your unique takes on the questions, but was also comforted by the similarities we all share. I think I must say this a lot, but I love our little corner of the universe here on Blogger. And I truly hope there is a way to see and recognize all of you in heaven someday. :)
By the way, if you're reading this in December 2016 and would still like to do the tag, you are more than welcome! I will add you as soon as your post pops up on my reading dashboard and/or you tell me. And if you did the tag and aren't listed, for heaven sakes, tell me!! It was an oversight, not a snub on my part I assure you!

Hot chocolate:
You should all drink hot chocolate, by the way. It's good for you. :)

Miss Evie
Molly Rebekah
Miss March


  1. Thanks so much for making this tag! I had a lot of fun participating in it. :) I love what you said about hopefully meeting everyone from this little corner of the internet in heaven someday; that would be so wonderful! :D

  2. Hi, Molly! I have been enjoying reading your Advent Calendar - it's a sweet idea. I actually saw it through Naomi's blog and so I did your tag on my blog a couple weeks ago. Thanks :) It was really fun!


  3. Thanks again for the tag, Abby! It was fun. :D

  4. I can't wait to see everyone's answers! I still have mine in my drafts and hope to et it out soon!