December 6, 2016

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Well everybody, I hope you've all hung your stockings last night, because St. Nicholas has come to town! ;) I've been good this year, so I got chocolate, some German candy, and an orange to fit in the toe of my stocking. I also got a pretty headband and an ornament. (Yes, a nearly 18 year old still gets her stocking filled on St. Nicholas Day. :P It's fun!)

Image result for sankt nikolaus
THIS is Saint Nicholas. Not Santa.

I've heard many people say that their stockings are filled on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, which is odd, because then you might have Santa and St. Nicholas bump into each other in the dark! ;) They are two different people, after all. Personally, I like having stockings on the 6th because it spreads out the merriment a bit more, but hey, whatever floats your boat!
Do you have a Christmas stocking? What do you get in it?
When does your stocking get filled?


  1. I didn't know Saint Nicholas was a thing in America! Huh. It is in Belgium - it's huge in Belgium. We don't celebrate it because it's one of my brothers' birthday (and besides, Christmas is way more important) but yeah, it sounds very cute. And don't worry, I have seventeen-year-old friends who still like it. :-)

  2. It's a thing for the German-American families of the Midwest! :) Happy birthday to your brother! Yeah, one of brothers won't "do" Santa in their family, which is the first time I ever thought about it! Now I've been looking at both sides of the argument, and it's really interesting. It may be a post this month, but we'll see! I bet you could do a really interesting one on why your family doesn't do Saint Nicholas. (and Santa? Do you do that?)

  3. I've heard of this! It sounds like a lovely Idea!

  4. Santa Claus fills our stockings on Christmas Eve. But I have friends who get a visit from St. Nicholas on the 6th too -- he puts candy in their shoes.

  5. Alright, I feel funny saying this, but I didn't even realize there was a St. Nicholas Day. Nor that people opened stockings on the 6th instead of the 25th. That is such a cool tradition, though. :)

    We actually just hung our stockings up yesterday. However, we won't be getting anything in them until Christmas Day. We usually just get candy (which I'm always really thrilled about because I rather like candy...heehee ;)), but oftentimes the younger kids will get a small gift or two as well.

    "...because then you might have Santa and St. Nicholas bump into each other in the dark!" Hahaha. Good point. ;)

    1. Miss March, that's ok! I'm sure there are lots of people who don't know of this; it's a very European tradition. And yes, candy is very yummy, especially chocolate! :)