December 15, 2016

How to Celebrate According to Jane Austen

Christmas may not have been huge in Jane Austen's day. But boy, did her characters know how to celebrate!

Step 1: Gather Your Friends

This is done by sending invitations via servant. Once the letter is received, it will take much husband-convincing to attend. Or in Mrs. Bennet's case, an entire bundle of nerves.

2. Let the servants take care of the venue, food, and arranging.

Notice there is no picture for this one. Jane Austen didn't really focus on the nitty-gritty.

3. Have a nice, sit-down dinner

Dinner is an excellent breeder for conversation; argument, and if you're lucky*, the beginnings of some serious ship-court. 
*Note: if ship-courting is done by Mr. Collins, you are not lucky. I repeat, you are not lucky. 

4. Have a nice, sit-down picnic

Admittedly more casual than a dinner indoors, a picnic still breeds plenty of conversation, though often of the sillier, more foolish sort. But never fear, both picnics and dinners provide plenty of tension, plot movement, and most importantly: drama. 

5. Have a mini concert with your friends

Image result for emma 2009 piano
Make sure you have something prepared, something that will outshine the Bingley sisters and/or impress your sweetheart (bonus points if he gave you the music). Nothing moves a relationship along better (other than point #6) than having the man you love turn the pages to your music, or even better, singing a duet. Amazing how many eyes are locked on the two of you while you manage to make big strides in your ship-court. 

6. Dance

Related image
and dance
Image result for pride and prejudice 1995 dance
and dance.
Image result for northanger abbey dance

Women who dance get married. It's as simple as that. 

7. At your wedding, have confetti, ribbons, and money to throw around

Image result for sense and sensibility wedding

Because you made it, my dear. On to a new and happy life, full of more celebrations to come.
Note: please, if you must have cake at your wedding, do not eat it. It isn't good for the digestion!


  1. Hahaha their mini concerts are so awkward.
    Loved this!

    1. Not as awkward as Sluuumber dear maaaiid..! ;)
      Thanks Naomi!

  2. This was awesome, Abby! It made me chuckle inwardly on more than one occasion.

    "Women who dance get married. It's as simple as that." Haha. Boy is that ever true!

    "Note: please, if you must have cake at your wedding, do not eat it. It isn't good for the digestion!" *giggles*

    And the whole "ship-courting" thing! Mwahaha! :D Nicely done, Abby. Nicely done indeed. ;)

    1. Thanks Miss March! Hehe, I see what you did there! :)

  3. I had no idea it was jane Austen's birthday! And such great points you made!

    "Note: if ship-courting is done by Mr. Collins, you are not lucky. I repeat, you are not lucky."

    It is so true!

    1. Haha oh my goodness I had no idea either, until you commented! Talk about coincidence!

  4. That was lovely, Abby! I loved all those references, all my favorites! ;)

    1. Thanks Emma! By the way random question but is it weird/cool reading Emma by Austen? Like are you always comparing yourself to her? I kind of do that with books with Abby's, but I'm not so lucky to have Jane Austen write a whole book about me!

  5. This was such a delightful post! I loved it, especially how you used the word "ship-court," haha. ;)