December 21, 2016

How to Celebrate Christmas the German-American Way

1. Buy a Paper Advent Calendar (Adventskalender) 
RICHARD SELLMER - Old Fashioned German Paper Advent Christmas CALENDAR - #734:
And use it every day! As much as I like chocolate, I don't long for a chocolate Advent calendar when I get to open a new surprise on a beautiful picture!

2. Eat Lebkuchen and Stollen

Lebkuchen; four different ways to make this lovely German sweet treat!:

Lebkuchen is like gingerbread, but better. Sometimes it's glazed like the hearts above, and sometimes it's covered in chocolate and filled with apricot jelly which might seem gross but it's oh so good.
(Oh, and stollen is like a Christmas sweet bread with raisins, frosting, and candied fruit. It's ok, but not oh so good.)

3. Listen to German Christmas Music

This is a staple to my family's Christmas. To me, it is some of the most beautiful, Christmasy music in the world. 

4. Use Advent Angels...

Image result for lichterengel adventskerzenhalter erzgebirge

I couldn't find any good pictures of advent angels, but this is what my family uses every night with Christmas cookies. We light one candle and pass the light around and everything in the kitchen is dark except the little glowings of our advent angels. We proceed to eat lebkuchen and listen to German Christmas music. 
5. And Advent Pyramids.

German Christmas pyramid:

These are for Sunday dinners, since they're much more special than advent angels. The heat from the candles turns the blades on top, which is connected to the lower layers, which makes the little nativity scenes turn as well. Pretty cool, huh?

6. Do Christmas Eve Right

Pinterest :@kandi28:

This means hiding the decorated tree behind closed doors until Christmas Eve, when we open presents after church. I know some people have their trees up a month before Christmas, but I love how special seeing the tree for the first time on Christmas Eve is. And I'm not going to complain about getting my presents sooner rather than later! :)

And that's how to celebrate Christmas like a German, or at least a German American!

Do you have any cultural traditions at Christmas? Any German ones?
Do you use a paper advent calendar?
Have you had lebkuchen? Isn't it yummy?


  1. My uncle is from Germany. He has an advent pyramid which is a family heirloom, and he brought it with him when he came over from Germany. It's so pretty, and I wish I had one:)

  2. Hey! I just saw some of those Advent Pyramids at the store before Christmas. I didn't realize exactly what they were, though. That is really cool! (Does your family have one?)

    1. We have like 3...(blushing face). My mom found at least one at a rummage sale and we inherit stuff from my grandparents! :P

  3. That's so cool that Christmas Eve is the first time that you see your tree! My family always puts ours up the weekend after Thanksgiving. :)