December 10, 2016

My Christmas Wishlist

Hopefully this is as self-centered as my writing will ever get, but today I'm going to share with you my Christmas wishlist! Feel free to all chip in for number 4! ;)

1:(the no-brainer) Books
print & pattern blogs book designs by anna bond:
I'm not really sure what books, exactly. I really am fine with borrowing novels from the library most of the time. And I can never think of specific books I want off the top of my head, but when I'm shopping I come across so many books I can't afford! Sometimes they're novels, sometimes they're cookbooks/craftbooks/other adorable non-fiction. I'd also like some really pretty-bound classics like the books above!

2.Cute Clothes

pink spring coat for valentine day bmodish:

Clothes that make me look like a lady (aka Kate Middleton). Cute, flowery skirts and dresses encouraged. 

3. An Engagement Ring

Engagement ring inspo:  this peachy pink sapphire center stone in rose gold…:

All strings attached, of course. That would be lovely. (no I'm not seriously longing for marriage within the next year. I literally have no option to anyway! But it's never too early to think about it!;)

4. A Harp
See, it doesn't have to be completely gold. I'll take a wooden one just fine!
 I've asked my parents for a harp for years now, and believe it or not, I have yet to see one appear under the Christmas tree. I think they're just waiting for the suspense to build...? Maybe?

5. A Kitten

gabytaangeles: “(vía We Heart It - Inspiring images) ”:

Who cares about allergies?? I'll just keep a tissue to my nose the whole time. It is completely worth it for a little gray fluffy like this sweetie. 

6. A (looong) trip to Europe
Fussen, Germany...just a short train ride from Munich:

This means enough time to see every castle, cafe, museum and manor of interest in the continent. This means England, France, Belgium, Austria (VIENNA), the Netherlands, and Germany. And doing this with my European friends, of course.

7. College Tuition

Westmoreland Hall - University of Mary Washington:

Out of state tuition prices ain't cheap, guys. I'm not an ethnic/racial minority, I'm not living in poverty, and I don't have any diseases, so scholarships are harder to come by and win. In fact, I've been focusing so much of my life on paying for college right now, I'm surprised I've come up with other gift ideas (or blog posts for that matter). Most of these ideas are unreasonable and I know it; it's just that whenever I think of actually opening something on Christmas, I keep on thinking that I already have all I need and more in stuff, and that I'm going to be in deep, deep debt a few years from now. And it's depressing and frustrating. I'll figure out a way to afford it, even if that means I'm paying off student loans 20 years from now. But this Christmas, I'd really like the peace of mind that I can pay for college a little sooner than that. 

Now that I've succeeded in sounding like a self-centered, spoiled whiner, I'd like to know: what are you wishing for this Christmas? Is there anything  like kittens, harps, and trips to Europe that you know aren't happening anytime soon but still want anyway? And do you know any good scholarships I can fill out? :P

Sincerely yours,


  1. This post is too... much... FUN! :)🎄

    1. Thanks Eowyn! Glad you liked it! :D

  2. BOOKS!!!!! I have read all of the books in that picture! (Okay, I listened to one).
    HARP!!!!! One year I asked for a harp and got a drum. Hmm...
    KITTENS OR PUPPY!!! Yes please!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Ooh, that's nice! I think I've only read the little kid's version of Heidi and A Little Princess, so I have some catching up to do! Hmm, harp and drum don't sound quite the same, do they?

    2. Yeah, then yesterday I went to a book store and this list went ZING! Now has 100 more books on it!!!
      Not really.
      Thanks again for this great post!!!

  3. I totally agree about the Europe Trip!!! =D Also I didn't realise how expensive Uni was for y'all in the USA! Goshhhh

    1. Yeah, college is kind of a mess over here. By principle I'm glad that the government doesn't pay for college like much of the world (because then taxpayers end up paying for other people's education, and to me that's not fair.) But instead of just staying out of it, the government has driven up college prices so much because they offer a lot of financial aid and then the colleges think they can charge more because people are getting more "help". Sorry, I bet you weren't expecting that tangle of a reply! :P Here's a video that explains it better than I do:

  4. "An engagement ring. All strings attached, of course." Hahaha. Can I second that? Where can we place our orders? ;)

    Oh, I'd say they're definitely waiting for the suspense to build. Or, on the other hand, maybe they're just trying to figure out how to get the harp under the tree. ;)

    Seriously, Abby, this is such a fun Christmas list. I enjoyed this post very much. And the pictures are scrumptious. :)

    ~Miss March

    P.S. One more thing. You did NOT sound like a self-centered, spoiled whiner. Not at all! :)

    1. Haha that would be nice! Ahh, thank you for that reassurance. We'll see if they do figure it out this year! ;) Thanks Miss March! Oh good, I'm glad I didn't sound that bad!

  5. I actually showed that copy of Little Women to my parents when they asked me for gift ideas! Great minds think alike, right?
    Ooh, yes to Kate Middleton-esque clothing! And to an engagement ring, too, of course. That would be splendid. ;P
    You never know, perhaps this will be the year that you find a harp (under? beside?) the tree! ;)
    A long trip to Europe would be amazing! Can I tag along? ;)
    Ugh, college tuition--I don't want to have to think about it!

    This was such a fun post, Abby! I really enjoyed it. :)

    1. Haha they certainly do! Yes you most certainly may tag along, we shall browse book stores and coffee shops in addition to the above-mentioned places! :) START GETTING SCHOLARSHIPS NOW. Search them out; I know they're tough to find Junior year, but even making a list of those that you qualify for and will happen next year can help. Then again, you don't have so much to worry about if you do in-state tuition (hinthint-nudgenudge)

  6. Are you looking at any particular colleges? I went to Bethany up in Mankato, MN, and got some great grants and scholarships from alumni through their financial aid office. Between those and other scholarships I found, plus what I earned every summer, I only ended up with $13,000 in debt at the end of 4 years. Not too terrifying. (That was 16 years ago, tho.) But I had to fill out a ton of applications and so on, I remember that all too well.