December 22, 2016

Wait, You Haven't Wrapped Those Yet?

Haven't wrapped all of your presents yet? That's ok, you've still got a few days...and look! Now you have some Pinspiration to aspire to! :) 

1. Use cute printable tags. The Chalkboard fad has not left yet, so make use of it while it lasts! ;)


2. Use fancy, silk ribbon, jewelry, and old sheet music/book pages for wrapping high-class presents.

Love this idea for wrapping small gifts.:

You can tell there's something really, really good in those, can't you?

3. Flowers are lovely, even especially at Christmas, so why not stick a few poinsettias atop your presents? 
How to Make Paper Poinsettias. Free pattern and tutorial @LiaGriffith:

4. Cute wrapping paper can go a long way. This vintage-inspired cuteness is by Cath Kidston. 
Image result for christmas presents wrapping

5. Sure, you can use paper flowers on your presents, but you could go even further and use some real live nature! Or further still, and dip said nature in glitter or metallic paint. Or just forget it and tie on a jingle bell. It all works. :)

Image result for christmas presents wrapping martha stewart

Seriously though, have you finished buying and wrapping your presents?
Any handmade surprises for your family?
Do you fuss over wrapping, or just kind of get it done?


  1. Oh how cool! The one with the sheet music looks familier...
    I have it all done and wrapped for my close family. I tried to do special things. On one there is a big bow that I tied to try to look like a Ponsettia and in the leaves bars of chocolate are hidden! And on another there is a velvety box that has a ribbon and a felt snow flake! I have a few more to go though, I think I'll try one of these!
    What a fun post!

    1. Hehe yeah it was too pretty not to mention in both header and post! :P Wow, that sounds really creative! Good luck wrapping the rest! :)

  2. Oh, how pretty! The vintage-inspired paper is adorable!

    We don't get super fancy with our wrapping. Mostly we just try to find cute paper and then make sure the presents are nicely covered. We've never done bows or ribbons or anything extra. With so many people in the family and so many presents to wrap it would be much too big of a job. It sure looks nice, though, when you put that extra effort into it. :)

    How do you wrap presents, Abby? Fancy or plain? :)

    1. Hey, cute paper goes a long way! If it's not a straight-edged box or book, it's probably going in a bag to be honest, but we have a big box of gift bags that we reuse...some of them have become "traditional" gift bags under the tree every year!
      By the way, just thought you should know that a harp did NOT show up under or by the tree this year, but my birthday is coming up so fingers crossed! ;)

    2. That's cool how some of your gift bags have become "traditional" packages under the tree every year. It's so nice to be able to reuse things. :)

      Aw-shucks. No harp? :( It MUST be coming for your birthday. And now that I think of it, one's birthday really would be a better time to receive a harp than at Christmastime, because it's such a large package, you know? Yes, I really think that's the perfect time for it. ;) *fingers crossed*