January 6, 2017

Fashion is my one weakness(es).

In the spirit of Dorcas Lane (Larkrise to Candleford), I'd like to freely admit that fashion is my one weakness. I really have no others. I am stalwart in all other areas of life. I'm so lucky to only have this one particular weakness, as I'll proudly detail below:


harmonyandrosie's soay:

Cardigans may be my biggest one weakness. I have never met a cardigan I didn't like, only I have found a sad amount that are not in my size. :\ Knit/crocheted cardigans like this are especially cute!


Swingy Chambray Tunic.:

I simply cannot get enough of chambray; it's my one weakness you know. This chambray shirt is about as ideal as chambray's going to get for me though: the color, the texture, the three quarter length sleeves (my only other weakness, I assure you), the ribbing up the front: the length...like I said, it's ideal.

Navy Blue and Toile


Both on their own and together, navy blue and toile print are gorgeous. They are elegant, sophisticated, and refined. And if there are three words to describe my aspirations, they are elegant, sophisticated, and refined. Also known as navy, blue, and toile.

Polka dots (tasteful polka dots, that is)

So cute and classy.:
Note the cardigan AND the navy blue in this picture. Coincidence? I think not!
 Polka dots are super cute, and when worn in good taste, make an outfit (at least!) 10 times more desirable. Good taste meaning not giant polka dots everywhere. And not orange polka dots on red tulle.

Historic Fashions of (nearly) all eras...

18th century:
But especially 18th century!
If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I love historic fashion. And if you didn't know that, now you do. It's my one weakness. 

..and  clothes inspired by them.

It's Meant to Bead Dress. Theres a sparkle in your eye when you set your sights on this seafoam dress, and you know that this is the one youre destined to wear on such a special occasion! #mint #prom #modcloth:

I'm drawn to symmetrical patterns, beading, embroidery, and floral things like this. I get strong 18th century vibes from this dress, and I like it. A lot.

Cardigan, navy blue, and toile: check.

So as you can see, fashion is indeed my one weakness. A few other particular bits of fashion that make me especially faint with joy are:
ribbons~rose(color and flower)~lace~pearls~bows~sandals~nautical~the occasional ruffle~pleats
~swooshy skirts~buttons
What are your favorite fashion pieces?


  1. LOVE this. And I LOVE your style. And I LOVE all the things you mentioned in this post. !!!!

  2. Hello Abby! Happy new year! Love these clothes. If only my wardrobe could be as perfect as my pinterest board. So do you mostly wear skirts?

    I like cardigans too! I haven't been able to find too many, but Down East sells some nice basic sweaters. I love (not all together of course) lace, plaid, pearls, skirts of all kinds, boots, and sandals. :)

    God bless!

    1. I wear a skirt at least once a week. My parents don't really like it when I wear skirts just around the house because they're nice, but I say if I like it, wear it! :) Haha I agree; all those things together would make quite an interesting outfit! ;)

  3. Oh my goodness! I was typing and then absolutely forgot one of my favorite things! Tights! Especially those with fancy/pretty patterns! Under dresses and skirts and in boots! :)

  4. Ugh, I too have a weakness for fashion. I love the outfit pics -- so cute! My favorite fashion pieces... Ok, if there's one piece I have a weakness for, it's shoes. I adore shoes.

  5. Ooh, I adore everything on this list! Especially that last outfit; it's so gorgeous. :)

    Cardigans are probably one of my biggest weaknesses, too; seriously, I have way too many! I also really like the color combination of mint and navy blue. <3

    Love love love this post! :)

  6. Hi, first time commenting, but I've been following your blog for a while now. I've really been enjoying it, especially through the holiday season.

    I think your taste in fashion is adorable. I, unfortunately, share your weakness. I adore clothing. Frilly, crinkly stuff is my favorite, and of course, lot's of layers. I can totally agree with the you about cardigans. They are the best. My sister has two really cute ones. Mine are all plain and serviceable, which is funny because of the two of us, I'm the one who will wear impractical stuff so long as it looks nice and my sister is definitely one of those people who wants function and comfort over style.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Lissy! :) I appreciate it!

  7. Such fun! I loved reading your list.

    My weaknesses are (and they are great ones ;)) flannel shirt jackets, my chore boots, oversized hoodies, Saltwater sandals, easy swing floral print cotton dresses, and overalls.

  8. I think polka dots are adorable. But, yes, like you said, they must be in good taste. Orange on red? Ugh. I don't think so. :P

    The cardigan at the top is super cute. :)