June 8, 2017

This Computer Stinks.

Hey, happy summer everyone! And happy freedom! (To me that is, as I am officially graduated from high school.) This is just a quick, sad post to tell you that since I turned my school laptop in, I am using an ancient computer that takes about 2 minutes to scroll down a page. Getting a cursor to turn from an arrow to a little clicky thing on a link takes about 1 minute. So I hope you understand that I simply can't roll out posts like I used to (sigh!), at least until I get a new computer for college. And I know, I know: first I wasn't posting much because of school, and now I'm not posting much because of ancient technology. But hopefully it won't be long until I am free to type and search and find pretty pins to make posts for you all again! Besides, you don't really want to spend your June cooped up reading my blog posts, do you? Go out there, enjoy the world! :) Just come back when I can post more, ok? ;)
Yours truly,

All The Photos Worth Seeing From Pippa Middleton's Wedding:
Here, have a picture from Pippa's wedding. AKA cutest wedding ever, esp. with Princess Charlotte! You're Welcome. :)


  1. I hope you get a computer that you like, and one that goes quickly. :) Congrats and have a great summer Abby!

  2. Having similar problems with my poor neglected laptop...except now I have a phone I can still manage, though it takes longer to tap out what I want to say. ;-P Hope you have a wonderful summer Abby and congrats on graduating!!! <3

  3. Oh goodness, that's dreadfully annoying. Congraaatsss on finishing high school and have a marvellous summer!!!

  4. Aww, bummer on the slow technology! As someone who lived with dial-up internet for many years, I well remember such annoyances and feel your pain. Hope you get a new computer that suits you!

  5. Abby!!! Congratulations on graduating from high school! We did it! <3 I hope you have a wonderful summer and I look forward to reading more posts in the fall! :)

    God bless!

  6. Pleased to meet you Abby! Your blog is so sweet, i'm excited to find it!

    Your blog look is gorgeous too, by the way :)

    ~Miss Woodhouse