July 25, 2017

Dear July

Dear July,
You are a month of memories. Your evening air is warm and glows from the light of hundreds of fireflies and stars. Your sunny days are pure bliss; and your stormy ones so powerful they flood and reform the earth.

Black raspberries and no words. | Central Indiana Life Photographer

You, July, are a month of bounty. Cherries, peaches, and plums abound from local markets, and the secret location of a giant patch of black raspberries is revealed, even if one has to climb fences and get mosquito bites to reach them.

July, you are a month of farmers markets, of bike rides to the library. You allow stacks of books to be consecutively read on the back porch with a glass of ice tea. You allow Pride and Prejudice to be watched in 2 sittings alone. You encourage spontaneous outings with friends, whether they play tennis, go shopping, see fireworks, drink coffee, visit art museums, or wade in the Great Lakes in dresses, it doesn't matter. The point is, it happens, and the experiences get filed in selfies, journals, and nostalgic areas of the human mind.
So thank you, July. For everything. It's been a great summer.

July 1, 2017

You Might be a Perod Drama Fan...

You might be a period drama fan if.....

Sparking a debate on which Pride and Prejudice is better is a welcome challenge.

Image result for pride and prejudice 05 vs 95 proposal
The '95ers discussing the '05 version...

Your DVD shelf looks like this....

Image result for period dramas

And your bookshelf looks like this...

If you have spent considerable time comparing yourself to Downton Abbey characters,

Daisy and Sybil.

If you've taken a quiz to find out which Downton Abbey character you are...
    You might be a period drama fan.

Madame Bovary (2014), played by Mia Wasikowska, directed by Sophie Barthes, (TO SEE)

You might be a period drama fan if....

You start thinking (maybe even talking!) in a British accent after four hours of TV.

Emily Blunt | The Young Victoria

You regularly check PBS and BBC for show updates.

You can't believe how long it takes for shows to air on American TV when those lucky Brits have had them for months!

Amy - Little Women
And reading the Brit's gushing reviews on them makes the waiting even worse...

If you run to make tea when your show comes on,

And you drink it with the characters on the screen...

Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet sipping tea in Pride and Prejudice 1995

         You might be a period drama fan.