September 29, 2017

5 Things I Miss About Home

Nobody told me this until it was already happening to me, but apparently there is a strange phenomenon that occurs with many college students on the subject of homesickness: for many of them, it doesn't start right away. No, you don't feel homesick at all the first week or two. You call your parents when you can, and think about home from time to time, but between all the new activities and friends you honestly don't have time to dwell on it. But it builds, little by little, so that by mid-October, one is experiencing a full-blown homesickness when one least expects it.

Now don't worry, I'm still not that homesick, and I doubt that I will be. It's just that I can tell that I'm gradually missing home a bit more than I used to, and getting all wishy-washy nostalgic about everything. Here are my top five examples:

1. Baking

Somehow, even a gelato bar, dessert case, and soft serve ice cream machine still doesn't beat being able to whip up your own baked goods in your own kitchen from time to time. I can't even scroll past my baking board on Pinterest without my mouth watering. It's only partly about the taste, though. It's also about the process; choosing a recipe, measuring and mixing ingredients, and pulling the finished product from the oven.

2. Watching Football Games

Image result for football

There's not much I'd rather do on a Sunday afternoon than sit in front of the TV in my living room with pizza, football, and a blanket. Oh, and family. ;) Especially now that the football season in in full swing, I miss this weekly tradition from home.

3. My Job

I took this last summer in the dining room of my workplace.

I had an amazing job in historical job in interpretation at home. I knew it then, and I feel it now. Good news: I also have a similar job in college! But of course, not one historic site is like another, and I think of my old historic home often.

4. My Church

Luther's Seal
Again; have I found another amazing church in college? Absolutely! But just like my job example, no two church settings are exactly alike. I think the change in style is good for me. It's helped make sure I don't fall into a robotic routine at my home church, taking more comfort in that routine and familiarity than in the Word of God. But even though it's a good change, I can't help but miss that comforting familiarity of home. 

5.  A Car

the car still goes when I step on the gas so it must be fine.
But maybe it's a good thing I don't have a car to worry about...I'm this clueless!

Now I feel like I'm just whining, because there's more than enough to do within walking distance here. But hey, I'm an American, and Americans love their cars and the freedom for spontaneity they provide. 

Some of you might be wondering why I didn't list the obvious: my family and friends. Well of course I didn't list them; they're people, not things! ;) But of course, I miss my family and friends a bunch. Now I have yet another reason to be excited for Christmas!

For those of you moved out of the house: what things did you miss the most? How did you manage your homesickness (if you had any)? 
For those of you who haven't moved out yet: what things do you think you'll miss the most?


  1. I'm lucky my church is right near my university (About five mins by bus) so thats a plus but yeah I get what you mean for the rest of this post.

  2. I really missed baking when I went to college too! I had totally forgotten that until I read this.

  3. I'm starting out at a community college, so I'm still living at home, but eventually I'll move to a four-year, and I'M GOING TO MISS MY PEOPLE AND MY HOME SO MUCH AHHH. :""(

    (But I'm sure it won't be that bad. ;))

    It sounds like you had a really cool job in high school! Wow!