September 17, 2017

Riddle Me This, Answer I That.

..."that" which you asked me on my subtle/notsosubtle ask me anything post!

We'll start out with some questions from Hamlette:

What's your favorite tree?
Oh, you know, the kind that go from a vivid light green in spring to a rich, full-leafed form in summer, to a spark of red or orange in fall, to a still, snow covered sentry in the winter. ;) I've always liked weeping willows, but I also love any tree that changes with the seasons.

Natures beautiful tapestry. The final colourful celebration of life before a…

Favorite Jane Austen Book? 
NorthangerAbbeyPrideandPrejudice. I give no straight answers today!

Do you like pirates or superheroes better?
Eh, I've never really been into either. I guess I would say pirates, for their historical ties.

Do you have any Thanksgiving plans?
I have some very kind friends who have offered to have me, but I'll probably decide what I'm doing a little closer to the holiday.

Who's having an easier time of you adjusting to you being in college, you or your family?
Initially it was me; I'm not terribly homesick. I think about home pretty often, and look forward to seeing it again, but I don't feel scared or lonely. My parents were pretty sad at first, but I think they're fine now.

Next are some questions from Rachel:

How is your life so far?
Ooh, are you asking me to evaluate and analyze my entire life? ;) Now that's a deep question! My life so far is blessed, and I feel and realize that more now than ever. I could say that my life is nothing extraordinary, that I have no major talents or riches or accomplishments to boast of. But it is extraordinary in the fact that it has been good for 18 years and running, with nothing to truly complain about.

Your favorite movie?
For the sake of not hemming and hawing over the number of movies I love equally, I'll say Little Women.

Theodore “Laurie” Laurence - Little Women | Community Post: 15 Literary Hunks To Cuddle By The Fire via @BuzzFeed

Do you have a best friend? How did you meet?
I've been blessed with a few close friends, but the one I would consider my best friend is the girl I reenact with. We met at a historic sewing workshop about four years ago, and have sewed, traveled, and watched period dramas together countless times since!

What's your favorite animal?
A horse of course! ;) I live to rhyme.

Would you rather have a grand house in the middle of town, or a little cottage in the country?
I mused about this a bit in my post, Town Girl, Country Girl, because I long for both! I think that as long as I could have a nice house and garden, I would stay in town. Just not a very large one. :)

What's your favorite fairytale movie?
  Probably Ever After! 

Related image

If you could ever switch places with a person, who would it be?
Jo March (someone should keep a running tally of how many times I use her in answers; I feel like it's been a lot!)

Which is your favorite season?
It is fall now, so I would say fall. Ask me in 2-3 months and it will be winter! :)

If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
 Jo March! ;) Just kidding; I would like to have tea with Tasha Tudor, and talk about lovely old things.

Related image

What is your least favorite period drama?

The Way We Live Now and He Knew He Was Right were both depressing wastes of time, really. 10/10 do NOT recommend.

What's your favorite food?

As in favorite ingredient/food item? Chocolate. As in favorite dish? Chocolate. ;)

If there was any country you could visit, what would it be?

 If I could only visit ONE other country than my own, it would be England. 

Rae asks:

Do you have a major chosen?
Well, I haven't officially declared it to the college yet, but I've known for years that it's going to be historic preservation. Although that core goal hasn't changed, I've tweaked my minor/double major plan a dozen times these past two weeks! As of now I'm going to double major in historic preservation and history, and minor in museum studies. If I can add German in there somewhere, I will! I'm also going to take a lot of Art History and English courses...quadruple major, anyone? ;)

And a few questions from Sarah...

What is the weather like at your college? Is it just as autumnal as your blog?
It's been both a cool and warm September. I've been alternating between pants and layers, and shorts and t-shirts! Overall it's very nice weather here. :) The leaves have not turned as much as they have at Lavender Spring, however.

Autumn Walk

What is something you could share that you discovered by exploring the Blogger formatting?
I'm just impressed at how many nit-picky things you can tweak under advanced template, like the color and font style of dates and comments. I also decided to use a background straight from Blogger, and set most of the "layers" of the blog to transparent in order to better display it.

Thanks to everyone for submitting questions, and for reading my answers! I hope you have a lovely week. :)


  1. Wonderful answers! :D You know, I just realized that Laurie in the Little Women you like is Christian Bale who plays Jack Kelly in the 1992 Disney's Newsies! :O Wow... I haven't watched that Little Women version in a long time, and I still have yet to watch Newsies. So cool though. :)

  2. Loved reading this!

    Oh awesome, sounds perfect! Haha, I know, right? If only one could easily major in a number of things!

    Hope school and life and all are going quite well!

  3. Sprechst du Deutsch? Cowboy and I met in German class in college! In fact, our German prof performed our wedding.

    I smell a little autumn in the mornings here, but it's been pretty hot in the afternoons -- mid-80s all week. I've been taking advantage of the clear weather to repaint our deck, though it was hot work this afternoon.

    Mmmmmmmm, chocolate. :-9