April 1, 2018

A Little Women Tag: My Responses

With all the posts this week, I nearly forgot to share my own answers to the tag put out earlier! As for the rules, I've tagged myself, I've already tagged everyone who's read the original post, and I came up with half the questions so I'm not going to create any more! But I will indeed listen to the soundtrack as I fill this out. :)

1. Is there anything from the book that you wish were in the movie?
Early on in the book, the March sisters put on an elaborately constructed play for their neighborhood friends. It's like the scenes where they rehearse in the attic, but this time in actual (and rather melodramatic) performance. Alcott sprinkles in plenty of humor in that scene, and it's followed by a nice dinner by Hannah, so I think it would be worthy of being in the movie.

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2. If you could change one point of the plot, what would it be?
I don't know! I thought about a lot of little things that aren't even worth mentioning, which probably means they aren't worth changing. :P Then I thought about one big thing, and thought about it a lot, and ended up writing a whole separate post about it instead!

3. In Chapter 13, the March sisters and Laurie talk about "Castles in the Air", basically their unrealistic but lovely hopes and dreams. What is your castle in the air?
A family, and a house that I can own and decorate to my pleasing (though hopefully that isn't too unrealistic!) The really lofty goal? Being a costumed interpreter who specializes in dancing, music, and foodways programs, and also run a historical wedding and flower arranging business on the side. And still have plenty of time and money to travel Europe. Live in England or America; I'm not too picky ;)

4. What would you most like to see in a new adaptation of Little Women, whether in book or film? Any specific actors, setting, or time period changes?
What if they did a web series like Emma Approved but for Little Women? The sisters could take turns, and I can picture their personalities really coming through in vlog format, weird as that sounds.
I guess it would have to be a modern setting, which would be a bit odd, but I think most of the themes could translate alright.

5. What is your favorite dress from the movie?

Image result for meg march wedding 1994

There are so many nice dresses, but Meg's wedding dress has lovely smocking and a light, summery feel. I also really like the dress Jo wears in this scene, but I can't find a good picture of it. 

6. Which March sister(s) do you relate to the most?
I have the romanticism of Meg, the impatience of Jo, and the younger sibling impertinence of Amy (at times/in the past). I definitely don't have the older-sister vibe, but I think I'm most like Meg. We both appreciate fine things (even if we can't afford them :P) and want to have a family and home.

7. Do you have a favorite film adaptation of  Little Women?
Yes, and I'll give you one guess as to which one it is!

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8. What is your favorite quote from Little Women? Movie quotes count!

Little Women
Well said, Amy!
9. Do you have a favorite scene from Little Women?
I really like Meg's springtime wedding, but the ending under the umbrella is pretty hard to beat!

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10. Aside from the March sisters, who is your favorite character from the story?

I blame all of my commitment issues on Louisa May Alcott (Lament in gifs)

In the movie, it's definitely Laurie. They don't make him as flawed or complex as he is in the book, so I'll have to reconsider it when I read the book again.

I think that is officially all I have for Little Women week! Thank you so much for following along as my friend Molly and I held our first blog party! Thanks also to Cordy, Elanor, and Molly for filling out the tags. To anyone who's filled out the tag and not listed here; sorry I didn't see it and thank you for doing it! :) 


  1. Loved reading your answers, Abby!

    Your "castle in the air" sounds lovely! I hope it comes true for you someday. <3

    I really like the idea of a vlog adaptation of Little Women! Ya know, as long as it's done well. I can totally see how each of the March sisters' unique personalities could shine through in videos like that! :)

    Meg's wedding dress is very pretty, especially paired with her flower crown! (I thought about using Jo's dress from this scene for my answer, but I couldn't find a good picture of it, either!)

    Aww, that's such a sweet quote! I had forgotten about that one.

    Yeah, I guess they do kind of portray Laurie in a better light in some ways in the film. It's been a while since I've read the second half of the book, so I'll have to reread it sometime and pick up on the differences.

    I had so much fun hosting this blog party with you, Abby! And I loved reading all of your posts; you definitely outdid me! ;)

    1. It was a pleasure hosting this "March Week" with you Molly! Maybe we can try it again next year. :)


    Can I fill the tag out late?

    There actually is/was a Little Women vlog series thingie. I haven't watched it, but it's called "The March Family Letters."

    1. Haha,don't worry, you can absolutely fill out the tag at any time. Consider it timeless. :)
      ooh, I'll have to check that out!

  3. I'm so sorry I didn't have time to participate in this party. :( I don't remember anyone ever doing a Little Women party before so I think it's about time someone did! Great job!!

    I enjoyed reading your answers. And may I hazard a guess that your favorite movie version is the 1994 film? Haha. ;)

    Aww! Laurie. I love Laurie. Especially in the book. (But then I'm just partial to the book all around. None of the movies have quite lived up to my expectations as yet. :))

    1. Thanks Miss March! Haha you are correct: 1994 version or bust! ;)

  4. The umbrella scene will always be best <3! My favorite character outside of the sisters is either Marmee or the professor... Or Demi. But he is introduced better in Little Men, haha :).
    Thank you for helping host this party! It was so much fun to read your posts!
    Bri from forget-not-his-benefits.blogspot.com