April 7, 2018

My Walk to Work

Step One: Introduction
Get out of bed, sleepy head! Put on the cute outfit you put together last night, or if you were lazy, try to put one together in the dark without waking your roomie. Wonder at how on earth you could have gotten holes in all your stockings. Arrange hair and face as well as makeup and bobby pins allow, divided by the limited time you've given yourself to get ready. If for some reason you were responsible this morning, use the extra time to read the news, write a letter, or *gasp* maybe even do some homework.

Step Two: Out the Door
Yikes, you built extra time into your schedule and you're still pushing it up to the last minute to leave! Close the door quietly, especially if it's a weekend, because no one in this dorm gets up before nine or ten on a Saturday. Rush down the stairs, which you know you've liked doing since you were five anyway. Burst out the door, and...

Step Three: Ramble Down the Hill
First you have to float down a few more stairs, but take a shortcut behind a dorm building so you don't have to walk all the way out the parking lot and around. What a waste of time that is! Just step down the hill with as much grace as you can, and hope that nobody sees you. They probably won't though, for the same reason you have to close the door quietly. Get down to the sidewalk through a small, natural staircase made out of roots. Because how cool is that? Ponder how many other people use the fairy tale-esque stairs, and how long they've been there.

Step Four: Walk Past Entire Blocks of Houses that Belong in "Southern Living"
Don't worry about getting tired of seeing these houses every time you go to work, because that will never happen. Identify all the architectural styles and elements you learned last semester. Say hello to the local cats. Listen to the birds. Gawk at the beautiful houses and gardens, and imagine living in them someday. Glimpse Chippendale furniture and antique Chinese porcelain through lace curtains. Don't forget to look for cars as you cross the street, no matter how enthralling the world around you is.

Step Five: Arrive at Dream Job
Thank God you have the best possible job you could get while in college. Pinch yourself becuase you're in Virginia, where you've always wanted to be. Marvel at how beautiful the historical house is. Get ready to give the best tours you can, and know that when the day is done, you get to walk all the way back the way you came.

PS: I finally found my camera charger and USB cord, so I was able to use my own photos for this post. They aren't of my actual walk to work, though. So as for the second picture, no I don't work at Colonial Williamsburg.


  1. Eeeek! I love how you wrote this! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your daily life with us, Abby. (The bit about the holes in the stockings made me smile.)

    The pictures are lovely!! <3 <3

  2. Love it! I'm now imagining the lives of people living in those houses, and how some of them glimpse you from time to time and wonder about you always walking past in your yesteryear clothing and hairstyle. Annh, probably they're used to that if they live close to your workplace, I suppose.

    1. I wish that were the case, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately hair-wise :P) what I wore in September was a one-time event; most of my days at work are in modern clothes. I do have a friend who walks through town to his job in colonials though!

    2. Actually, that makes it more mysterious, I would think. "Once there was this girl in full Colonial-era costume just wandering around town."

  3. Heehee, this was fun! I'm so glad you have a job that you love. :)

  4. This was such a beautifully-written post, Abby! I loved it. :) And the pictures you shared were so pretty! Great job. <3

  5. Just in case you're looking for something to blog about this summer, I tagged you on my book blog :-)