June 17, 2018

Dear Virginia

Dear, dear, Virginia,
How is it, that simply seeing your "welcome" sign sends gives me a rush of joy? How can it be, that nothing but an arbitrary line on a map can turn out to be so much more? That line means something here. The atmosphere is different. If all the world's a stage, I've definitely stepped into the proscenium between the everyday world and an earthly paradise.

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Your houses, no, your homes, are so beautiful, no matter what size. The covered porches, the shuttered windows, and each brick, stone, and board humming with a history of lives and loves past.
And your past, Virginia, your past, it packs its layers of suffering and success into every acre. There is not a mile that goes by without a hallmark of the past; a graveyard, monument, or marker, all saying "History happened here".

Virginia, the very air I breathe here is alive. It is thick and humid and smells of boxwood and an effusion of green I have yet to identify. An orchestra of cicadas and crickets play an ever-present soundtrack to a summer's day. The tree-lined lanes and blossom-covered hills are a testament to the vibrancy and vivacity of nature.

Now I'm sure I can't speak for all of you, Virginia. I'm sure there are houses that are not homes, and people who are not kind or good. But my Virginia, the way I choose to see you, are a masterpiece.


  1. Oooh this is so pretty I've never been to Virginia but now I really want to!


    I've never been to Virginia, but I've aaaalways wanted to go. I'm jealous of you!!

    This was lovely dear! :)


    (Also, wow, "proscenium"! I had to look that one up for sure! ;D)

  4. Beautiful post, Abby!! What a lovely tribute to my home state. <3

  5. Won't be long, and you'll be back, right?

    Also, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. :-)